Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mixis News and Link to a Photo

I've been searching for photos of the 2009 Mixis dolls, but I haven't found any yet. I submitted a query about any online photos to YNU Group in case there are any official ones out that I haven't found. The Canadian Toy Association held their Toy Fair on January 24-26, 2009; the Mixis were at Booth 819. So maybe, maybe there are photos out now. If not now, I'll wait until after the U.S. Toy Fair later this month.

HOWEVER, I did find a photo of the new Mixis Wardrobe at the Canadian Toy Association's web page:

CTA Mixis Wardrobe

I can't tell whether the wardrobe is made from wood or particle board or plastic. Those details will follow. But to have found the photo pleases me. Photos of the dolls will come later. It would be great if ASM (formerly Altered States Magazine) at and would review the Mixis dolls. Well, I can dream hmmmmm?