Monday, September 9, 2013

Spooky September Sextet: Kid Connections' Scary Dolls

I wanted to check another Walmart to see if that one had the Fashion Madness guys T.J. and Dwayne. Alas, they did not. However, I did find an interesting sextet of  inexpensive fashion dolls by Kid Connection: Scary Dolls.

The back of their box offers this information:

Set of 6 Gorgeous Dolls Fully Outfitted in Trendy Fashions

Each 11.5 Inch Doll Wears a Fab Outfit With Matching Accessories

Perfect for Imaginative Play and Hairstyling for Endless Fashion Fun

Yes, these are another set of wannabe Monster High dolls. Like last year's Midnight Magic dolls by Lovely Patsy and this year's Scary Fashion doll by Just Kidz. More monster fun for the upcoming Halloween scene.

One doll has brown skin with white lips - I get it, snap! Her scary power is ashy lips. Ha, ha, ha. Another doll has orange skin (flame doll?), another has blue skin (water or ice?), another has dark pink skin (a la Draculaura?), another has bright green skin, and the last has "regular" pinkish skin.

The articulation, however, is limited on these dolls. Head, shoulders, probably hips, definitely knees. No elbow articulation. Still for $19.97 a sextet, that's not bad. The black-white plaid dress looks cute - also the purple-black flouncy dress worn by the orange-skinned doll. Blah accessories, yes. But in spite of the dolls all having the same blank pretty face, Kid Connection did provide variation in the complexions and the hair styles.

So these are on my Maybe list. What do you think about them?