Saturday, January 2, 2010

Barbie Basics in Wikipedia

Congratulations to Simon Farnsworth for his Barbie Basics article in Wikipedia:

Great to read a doll-related article on Wikipedia.

Guess I need to upload my revised Mixis article.

Joan Jett at Walmart - January 2010

Stopped by Walmart and found these dolls on the first of January:

Ladies of the Eighties: Joan Jett

I like the doll's strong face. The hatchet hairstyle looks interesting, too. I love her outfit and red sneakers. Emaciated body, but then I can either re-body her or give her a background where she's ill. I associate Joan Jett with the song, "I Love Rock n Roll," but other than that, she wasn't on my Eighties playlist. I do like the doll though. Someday ....

The African American version of Barbie H20

The African American version of Potty Training Pup Barbie

Three of the Barbie Basics Line

Roca Wear So in Style Chandra and Grace

No Trichelle, Kara, or Darren. Between Trichelle's cool outfit and her rougher hair and Darren's cool outfit, I was not surprised to NOT see them.

Wizards of Waverly Place Alex Russo in a new outfit

Yawn. Reporting this because it is a change, but I wish that Mattel would either add another doll to this series - one of the other characters - for variety or create a playset for her. The outfits are not spectacular enough to warrant buying multiple versions of the same doll over and over again.