Saturday, January 2, 2010

Joan Jett at Walmart - January 2010

Stopped by Walmart and found these dolls on the first of January:

Ladies of the Eighties: Joan Jett

I like the doll's strong face. The hatchet hairstyle looks interesting, too. I love her outfit and red sneakers. Emaciated body, but then I can either re-body her or give her a background where she's ill. I associate Joan Jett with the song, "I Love Rock n Roll," but other than that, she wasn't on my Eighties playlist. I do like the doll though. Someday ....

The African American version of Barbie H20

The African American version of Potty Training Pup Barbie

Three of the Barbie Basics Line

Roca Wear So in Style Chandra and Grace

No Trichelle, Kara, or Darren. Between Trichelle's cool outfit and her rougher hair and Darren's cool outfit, I was not surprised to NOT see them.

Wizards of Waverly Place Alex Russo in a new outfit

Yawn. Reporting this because it is a change, but I wish that Mattel would either add another doll to this series - one of the other characters - for variety or create a playset for her. The outfits are not spectacular enough to warrant buying multiple versions of the same doll over and over again.


AilanthusAltissima said...

I really like the Joan Jett doll and her packaging is nice. I guess the Eighties revival is in full swing - I was perusing some street style fashion blogs yesterday and all of the young people seem to be wearing variations of stuff from the 80s. I kind of liked the style back then (except for the hair), so I enjoy seeing it come back around. And some of the old costume jewelry I used to have is back in style again.

Hugs said...

OOH this post is just full of dolly eye-candy. The Joan Jett doll is really taking me back.

D7ana said...

Hugs, I'm glad you enjoyed the dolly eye-candy.

I like the Joan Jett doll, too. She's got a cool outfit. She just seems so thin.

Wouldn't an 80s stage be fun? Slaps hand, oh, I shouldn't give away ideas for them to use against my wallet.

Whoa, Kim, you cannot mean you did not like the mullet or jerri curls. LOL. Yes, those styles were awful.

Tanz_Fanatika said...

The Model Muse body actually works very well for Joan, who has always been thin and small-breasted. She's more muscular now, but still definitely petite. I have this doll and she's fantastic. I eagerly await Cyndi Lauper.

Alison said...

Love Joan Jett's face! I'm a little surprised at how thin she looks, though it could just be that she's on a Barbie body. ;) What do I expect?

And ugh--I saw someone wearing feather earrings the other day. You have to be kidding me. :)

D7ana said...

Thanks, Tanz_Fanatika - I could recognize Joan Jett's face, but I didn't think about her size, etc. That's great that the Model Muse body being used reflects a real person :-D

Alison, I love the doll's face, too. Looks like the singer to me. I just hope to never see "live" fish in clear platform heels. That was horrible.

Niel Camhalla said...

Yummy, yummy photos! Ang I'm really liking that model no 12. :)

D7ana said...

Hi Niel! Number 12 is my favorite so far, too. I love some of the others, yes, but I can find similar dolls in my current collection. I only have one other doll that has the Number 12 doll's head mold - Fashion Fever Shannon - but her head is a little big and her features are a little cartoony.

Niel Camhalla said...

Right now, I'm liking models no 4, 8 and 12. That smile of model no 6 really reminds me of an officemate. If she had more weight with a different skin tone, and maybe not so tall, with short black hair, I'd say she's my officemate. LOL.

D7ana said...

I think that Model 6 has the same headmold as the HSM Gabriella doll.

I really like 12, too. Then again, I like almost all of them. Groan!

corsetkitten said...

It's good to see what's out there on offer! I like the fact that they all seem so different---yet, I have to say honestly what I covet the most about any of the dolls is their clothing! (I really like Joan's ensemble...and her pink hightops!)

I'd like the Basic Black line if I felt you got more for your money. It's a lot to pay for an LBD in my opinion (although a couple of the heads are awful nice!)

D7ana said...

Hi Erica! Yes, it's always good to know what's available and where.

The LBDs of the Barbie Basics are okay, but I love some of the facemolds. Just have to review my current dolls so that I don't duplicate what I already have.

Joan Jett and the Halle Berry Bond "Girl" are dolls I don't already have in any form. And I just LOVE Joan Jett's outfit - black tee shirt, black pleather cough, leather, pants, and red high top sneakers. said...

Cool blog!

corsetkitten said...

Hey D7ana, I know this is late (and I'm not sure how far back you might be notified of responses) but I have to ask---at least in your neck of the woods, how hard is it to find the Chandra doll now?

They haven't made it over here (and if I'm honest I doubt they will) and I'm trying to find out if the 20+bucks for chandra, alone in a box, is being over priced, or if that's close to the actual going rate?

Drop me a note back (here or on my blog in whatever my most recent post is)

D7ana said...

Hi Erica!

I haven't seen Chandra since Febtuary 1 when I saw the 2 sisters set. I'll check to see if she is still available here.

Prices. Walmart has the Chandra sister set for $19.96. Target tends to be a little higher priced. I think the single dolls are about $5 less than the double sister sets, but I can check.

I don't know if any of the SiS dolls have reached the discount stores like Ross, A.J. Wright, etc.

(Note: there will be another Rocawear Chandra this April.)

Did you have a preferred Chandra (with sister, single, 2nd Rocawear)? I'll look for Chandras when I am out next.