Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mixis Doll Sale - $19.95 ANY One


(Price valid from Nov 28 to Dec 13)

Go to the Mixis store and take advantage of this wonderful deal. Mixis First dolls  wear the denim bottoms and either the knee high, back zipped leather boots (Emerald and Rosa) or the black leather slip-on loafers (Opal). They also carry a leather backpack and an additional pair of footwear, black high-heeled sandals. The Mixis Limited dolls have lace-up leather sandals, an attractive sundress, and a fabric handbag.

Articulation, you will ask. The Mixis Limited dolls have articulated elbows. The Mixis First dolls have standard, straight arms. Both sets of dolls have click bend knees and can sit and move their arms up/down and turn their heads. Additional posts about the Mixis bodies are here, here, here, and here. DBG and Roxanne have written several posts about the Mixis dolls.

The Mixis store now ships to the United States as well as Canada. And if you need shipping to another country, send an email query to them first. 

Note: American customers, there are additional fees outside the sale cost. Please read the relevant information on the Mixis store shipping page.

Good luck and may you get the Mixis you want.


Play Hut's Mystixx Dolls Return

Remember I wrote a post about the Mystixx dolls? The creepy two-faced dolls by Play Hut ... well, some people like them because they are back. Moreover, Azra and Kalani have brought friends with them. Yes, the Vampire quartet is complete: Siva and Talin have joined the line-up.

Azra = blue

Kalani = green

Siva = purple

Talin = pink

The face looks the same (probably is the same), but they have different wig styles and outfits in goth or punk themes. Read ... additional fashions, yes! Most of the Vampire dolls listed above are also available in these themes:

Zombie dolls play "beautiful human girl by day or mesmerizing zombie by night"

Grimm dolls play fairy tale girl or masked forest creature

Articles on the Mystixx Dolls

Of Toys and Games sales site
(P.S. can anyone explain how Kalani can be a vampire AND a vegetarian?)

Reviews of the Mystixx Dolls

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Mystixx on Social Media

Mystixx dolls have a Facebook page in addition to a Flickr Hive site brimming with photos of them. Play Hut claims the brand on their website.

Happy viewing and reading.