Sunday, August 13, 2017

2017 Barbie Career Set: Astronaut and Space Scientist

Doll blogger Muff recently shared a post about a new Barbie Career Set, Chef and Waiter. At a Toys R Us store last week, I saw another Barbie Career Set. This one had a petite-bodied, Millie-faced Barbie for astronaut and a tall-bodied, Asha-faced Barbie for space scientist. I like the height difference. I do wish the bodies were articulated - seems that they are not. I took a very brief video showing the set and a photo showing the back of the box.


I wonder if Mattel will be producing double doll career sets. Seems like a fun idea to me. Has anyone seen this set? Are there other career sets - aside from the Toys R Us exclusive Ken and Barbie one seen a few years back?