Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Family in PlayScale, Part 1

No, D7ana has NOT lost sanity completely.

These dolls and action figures are NOT actual family members. Whew. But something about them reminds me of family members and that makes them special. The intended "race" or "ethnicity" of the doll or action figure does not matter; if the DAF resembles someone I know, whoops, there goes the race and original background.

I have more DAFs that resemble my family members so expect a second post on this theme.

Do any of you have dolls or action figures that resemble your family members?

Left to right: Aunt R (100 Dalmatians Barbie), Uncle T (Sideshow Odd Job), Cousin R (Tangerine Twist Barbie), Nephew Q (Zeke), Sister A (Creata Flower Princess Leanna AA), Uncle R (Power Team), and Uncle F (Power Team).