Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Help! Sending Dolls to a Virtual Halloween Party

I've received an invitation to send some dolls to a virtual Halloween party. So I took some photos and now I am trying to decide WHOSE photo(s) should be used for this gothic/horror party. I have photos of Mattel Jazz Dancer Barbie, YNU Group Mixis Emerald, Integrity Studio It Janay, and R&D Dolls Tokyo Trendy Susie who is accompanied by Bbi Andromeda Tyr in one photo.

So I ask you, which set of photos (Barbie, Emerald, Janay, or Susie) should I use. Or if you want to mix them up, please note which four photos from the sets, I should use.

The photos can be seen in Webshots folder.

Thanks for your help in this matter.