Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Help! Sending Dolls to a Virtual Halloween Party

I've received an invitation to send some dolls to a virtual Halloween party. So I took some photos and now I am trying to decide WHOSE photo(s) should be used for this gothic/horror party. I have photos of Mattel Jazz Dancer Barbie, YNU Group Mixis Emerald, Integrity Studio It Janay, and R&D Dolls Tokyo Trendy Susie who is accompanied by Bbi Andromeda Tyr in one photo.

So I ask you, which set of photos (Barbie, Emerald, Janay, or Susie) should I use. Or if you want to mix them up, please note which four photos from the sets, I should use.

The photos can be seen in Webshots folder.

Thanks for your help in this matter.


Niel Camhalla said...

If it's a costume party, I'd choose Susie. ^_^

Amithi said...

I like the pic of Susie and Tyr dancing best. ;)

D7ana said...

Thanks for voting, Niel and Amithi! Susie is winning so far ;-D

wtsrudi said...

a little nepotism here... am VOTING for TOKYO TRENDY!!! :))

D7ana said...

Hi Rudi! Glad to have your vote. You are free to vote for any of the dolls ;-D

Susie is the favorite so far. I'm not surprised by that although it is interesting that Barbie has received so few votes despite this being her 50th birthday. Then again, maybe there's a sense of Barbie overdose.

The poll closes tomorrow. I'm anxious to see who will win. Will Susie maintain the lead? Will Barbie rise from last place? Will Janay overtake Susie? Will newcomer Emerald surpass the more recognized faces? Late Sunday we will have our answer.

Thanks for participating - every vote counts.