Monday, September 7, 2009

Three Integrity Playline Dolls

Integrity Fashion Fling Alysa, Integrity Studio It Janay, and Integrity Studio It Janay, left to right

I'm showing these three dolls because

1. the first doll - Alysa is my favorite with this face mold; I love her curly red hair and tawny complexion.

2. the middle doll - Janay - has the Alysa face mold in a darker brown complexion. She is the ONLY Janay with this face mold and complexion combination. I think the combination gives her an Ameriasian look.

3. the last doll - Janay - has a striking dark complexion with green eyes, coral-painted lips, and reddish hair.


Oskar said...

Hi there. I was wondering if you have any duplicates of the first doll or if you would consider selling it ? You can mail me at if you're interested. Best regards/Oskar

Darth_Diclonius said...

If you're willing to part with Alysa, name your price. I'm quite interested in acquiring her for my girlfriend's bday since she collects them. Alysa has a beautiful face mold with a perfect complexion, so please let me know if you're willing to sell such a beauty! please email me at: Best wishes, and love the girls you have here.

D7ana said...

Welcome and thanks for stopping by my blog, Darth_Diclonius!

I've contacted Oskar directly about this Alysa, but now I write to you about this Alysa: she is no longer part of my collection. I sold her to another collector.

If anyone wishing to sell her owns this doll, please let these visitors know. Thanks and good luck to all!