Friday, November 23, 2012

Seen the New Dr. Who Playscale Figures?

Creative professionals, Mark Andrews and Tony Leetham, have united to form a new British toy manufacture Big Chief Studios. BIG Chief Studios Ltd. is opening with a line of new Doctor Who figures starting with a 1:6 scale 11th Doctor Who. If Matt Smith is not your favorite Doctor, you might find the accessory packs interesting. Would you like a 1:6 scale Stetson hat or any of the other outfits and accessories worn by him? Then check back to the Big Chief Studios website for when those accessories are available. You can read about their process for capturing Matt Smith's look.

What will this Doctor Who cost? Only £134.99 (tax or shipping costs not included). That translates to $175.10 USD. at today's rate. If the likeness is as good as the photos, then this might be do-able for a fervid fan. (I am curious if they will have a nude doll options at a reduced price.)

For those curious about the Doctor's companion, here is a link to the pre-order for Amy Pond who will cost £149.99.

So .... has anyone succumbed yet? I'd love to see your photos ... big hint.

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