Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Toys R Us Wedding Exclusives

June is here, and Toys R Us is selling two wedding exclusives: Disney Fairytale Wedding Gift Set and MGA Entertainment's Moxie Princess and Prince.

Surprisingly, from this six doll set including Belle and Prince Adam, Rapunzel and Eugene/Flynn Rider, and Cinderella and Prince Charming - I like Cinderella and Prince Charming the best. Probably because they look the least cartoony among the lot. Rapunzel's eyes take up half of her face. Belle's eyes are also large. But all three of the wedding gowns look charming. I was seriously considering buying them for the gowns, Cinderella, and Price Charming alone. Only considering, mind. The group costs $69.99. A little over $10 for each character. Not extravagant, but a little steep for my current budget.

Is it just me or are the Moxie girls too young for marriage? The backstory for the Moxie royalty set states that Moxie girl, Merin, is imagining her wedding. New character Chance is her groom. (Not the most reassuring name, I would think, but then, I am not a Moxie girl or the target audience for the Moxie girl spiel.) This precious and precocious pair are on clearance sale - $14.98 - so if they appeal to you or you could use the wedding gown and/or the groom's tuxedo, make haste. Grab them while you can.

And an extra plus from the Toys R Us exclusives is this pair: Jakks Pacific's Winx Bloom may have a beau. Yes, and he looks as if he has actually eaten at some time in his life. His name is Sky. For $26.99, you can take this couple home. You can create your own wedding ensemble for them.

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