Friday, December 20, 2013

Who's That Janay? Test Your Integrity Playline Knowledge

I was photographing four of my Integrity Toys Janay dolls to show body differences.* Then I took a photo of the four dolls in a cross pattern - one in the center, two flanking on either side and a fourth above the first. Such lovely and unique facial screenings they have. Such a variety in hair textures and styles. Integrity Toys did some wonderful, creative fashion dolls in the mid-2000s. See the photo below. Anyone recognize these dolls by their Integrity title?

One of the dolls, I believe will be easy to identify because she recently appeared on another collector's blog; but I wondered about the others. So I am putting you to a Janay ID test. Here are the individual Janays:





Here are the titles to match to these Janay dolls 1-4:

Fashion Fling = ?
Tribal Treasures = ?
Icons = ?
Fashion Fling = ?
Studio It - ?

(While there are four dolls, I list five titles because one of the four may have been packaged under two titles.) If you recognize any of the dolls with a specific title, submit your answer(s) in the comments. I am eager to see who's a savvy Janay fan.

Can you guess which Janay has which title?