Thursday, August 21, 2014

Camping Shoot with Lanard I-Girl Asia

Earlier this month, DollDivas called for photos of dolls camping. Me, I have no camping skills. Remember the tv show, Green Acres? He'd have NEVER got me to that farm; I would have  divorced him for asking, lol. So my camping scenes would probably look bizarre. However, I do have the Lanard I-Girl Cool Camping Days playset.

Lanard I-Girl Cool Camping Days box back
Back of the box for the Lanard I-Girl Cool Camping Days play set
So I thought, I'll share photos of that set. No real camping experience called for right? In fairness, maybe having a camping background would have made setting up this play set easier. Maybe. The doll model shown with these items is NOT the original doll who came with the set; this doll is I-Girl Asia. Asia agreed to pose in I-Girl Sahara's place.

I-Girl Cool Camping Days play set contents:

1 nylon and plastic tent with 3 tent poles
1 nylon sleeping bag for 1 doll
1 plastic folding card table
1 plastic folding camp stool
1 nylon backpack with a pink plastic hair brush
1 sheer pink laptop computer
1 mini stove
1 "mess kit"
1 bottle of plain water
1 plastic lantern
1 campfire
1 portable cooler
1 Sahara doll (um ... Sahara is MIA. I'm not sure where she is now.)

Do you miss what I miss from this inventory? F-O-O-D. No food. OMG, did they mean for poor Sahara to gather her food in the woods? Where is the can of baked beans with mini hot dogs? Who goes camping without chocolate and trail mix? Why camp except to eat chocolate and trail mix in the fresh air? Asia and I think we understand why Sahara pulled a no show.

By the way, there is at least one Barbie camping accessory that has the fixings for S'mores. I'm not that big on marshmallows, but at least they add some CHOCOLATE. Even if it's milk chocolate. Ick. But NO food in this play set. Just water. Not even a soda in the cooler. Sigh.

Lanard Cool Camping Accessories

Aqua quilted Lanard I-Girl sleeping bag for one doll
Lanard Cool Camping Days sleeping bag for one

Munching fun completely removed from this trip, Asia tries on the sleeping bag. Voila, she fits! Not the coziest thing she's ever tried on, but she supposes it would do if she were the type to sleep on the ground instead of in a bed.

Tent, you ask. Tent, tent, tent, someone chants. Sigh. Oh, we thought you would ask about that. First, let's see the instructions to put together the tent and table and stool:

The table and the stool were as easy to set up as the sketch indicates. Whew. Easy peasy. Tent talk now. Remember: a picture paints a thousand words.

You are looking at the rear view of the tent with one of the tubes partially woven in place. The other pole is supposed to cross fit along the purple tags on the diagonal so that the tent roof can rise. In someone else's imagination.

Setting up tents has been a comedy staple for years. Here was my opportunity to experience the nightmare. Those poles have minds of their own. How do I flex them enough to fit them to the loops on the tent without causing them to break? They spring back and sting my hands and face. Oh joyless deed. I finally got the longest pole/stick to form the facing arch so Asia can go in and out of the tent. I gave up on getting the other two poles to cross. Life is too short.

Lanard I-Girl Asia and Cool Camping Days Tent
I-Girl Asia attempting to adjust the tent from the interior.

Lanard I-Girl Asia pushing the tent walls up.

Score? Tent 1: Dana and Asia, O. Setting up a real tent must be frustrating. People do this for fun? Asia and I lost patience with the tent. I let her punch it a few times. If I were to let loose on it, I would have done some serious damage. The camping life is not for us.

Lanard I-Girl Asia beating up inert tent
I-Girl Asia pummeling the triumphant tent.

Okay, Sahara, you can come out now. You don't have to set up the tent.


RoxanneRoxanne said...

This set is really cute! I've never been camping either. I had thought that maybe I should try it, since it's such a big thing for some people in these parts. I visited a campsite and was not amused by the bugs and other creepy crawly things, and the pitch black darkness. I got over the notion to go camping very quickly. However, I could see some of my dolls having a good time with this set.

D7ana said...

Hi RoxanneRoxanne! Creepy crawly things - eeeekkkkk! I don't mind them existing, but I don't want them anywhere near me. I would imagine that they'd find my ear canal an entrancing place. Ohh boy, let's see where this leads, I can "hear" them thinking. Shudder.

I should see if any of my other dolls and/or action figures have the camping bug. Thanks for that idea ;-)

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I like your new camping. Very cool. Fabulous set. Keep in touch

Barb the Evil Genius said...

My family went camping quite often when I was a girl, as it was about the most inexpensive way to take a vacation. Mr. BTEG also has fond memories of camping when he was a boy, although his memories involve an RV, so no tent!

The tent my family had when we were growing up was huge; it could sleep eight or so. It was fairly easy to put up as long as you had help, but there were no bendy poles. My middle sister and I share a birthday in July, and it was always fun to have a "camp-out" in the backyard.

The BTEG family went camping some when the girls were younger. My biggest problem with camping is bathrooms; yucky creepy crawly things are in those too often.

You can get a wonderful view of how many stars there really are in the sky, when you get away from city lights, though!

Georgia Girl said...

This is a nice playlet! You have some of the rarest items...or at least it seems that way. I have never been camping either. The closet I came to camping was staying in a cabin on a Girl's Club trip during summer camp. Hmmm summer camp...does that mean that I have gone camping. Lol! Thanks for sharing this treasure.

D7ana said...

Hi Marta, Barb the Evil Genius, and Georgia Girl!

@Marta - glad you enjoyed the camping equipment; I enjoyed your summer vacation photos ;-)

@Barb the Evil Genius - camping has a perverse attraction for me. Tons of reasons why I do not do it and would not likely ever do it, lol. But someone mentions the stars or the clean air and I feel wistful. Why not. Then I think about the creepy crawlies and bears drooling over my pretending-to-be-dead body, and germ transfer from no running water. Oh and the possibility of inbred, insane killers as found in many a horror movie. Gulp.

But I LOVE hearing happy camping stories. I forgot about the RV option. Now that might make camping possible for me, lol. Only that wouldn't stave off the horror movie rejects ;-)

@Georgia Girl - glad you enjoyed seeing this playset. I had not thought of it as rare, but I suppose it is. Lanard I-Girl stuff - well, the play sets anyway - aren't all over the place.

ONG! You stayed in a cabin? That counts as camping in my books. I never did any of that camping or vacationing stuff coming up. I'm not complaining about living urban year round, but it's interesting to read about how other people have done these things AND survived. Knucklebump.

Thanks for reading ;-)

D7ana said...

I get sloppy at night. ONG meant to be OMG, but since I have ONG, let's say that meant "Oh no, gee!"

And proofing after the send - shoulda wrote play space set. Eh, we're friends, yes? Thanks everyone!

jSarie said...

I love the details on that tent!

And I'm reminded of a couple of summers of misadventures that I had with friends the summer between high school and university when we (twice!) decided to go interior camping in Algonquin Park and didn't know what we were doing - the first time we didn't bring water filters, and a moose ate pulled our food bag out of the tree we'd hung it on. The second time our tent flooded (it turned out to be a play tent and not a proper outdoor one), and we discovered that one friend had insect allergies on day 2 of a 4 day portage route.

Fun times! ;)

Muff said...

I find the idea of camping just abhorrent, lol. Like why? I grew up in the country, like literally in the back woods. Barefoot, skipping through the forest, hay seed stalk in mouth - the works. But if you're not on a roundup, then why the heck would you sleep outdoors? I just don't get the appeal of "roughing it." Knowing I can survive in that environment is cool and all but to purposefully sleep on the ground and poop in a hole? No thanks!

Maybe that's why I don't own a single camping play set. I look at them and go, "ugh." Yours is cute! But still... ugh.

D7ana said...

Hi jSarie and Muff!

@jSarie - oh my. Glad you like the tent (I am still rolling my eyes at it, lol.)

In spite of the mishaps, I can see how you'd say, "Fun times!", about your camping [mis]adventures. Ah, youth and the company of friends ...

@Muff - lol, "abhorrent?" Being able to survive in the wild, does have a certain cache - extending pinky and then pausing. But uhmm ... pooping in a hole? I thought people lugged mini porta-potties on camping trips. Small plastic toilets that stored er poop and er urine until a person was able to empty them at some general waste site that would then chemically process that ... mess.

Me: Oh, I feel dizzy. Smelling salts, anyone?

Asia: We don't have any.

Me: Bleach. I need to smell something cleansing.

I understand your "ugh," Muff.

Asia, smirks are not becoming.

Muff said...

Lug a port o potty?! That must be for fancy people. When we pooped outside, if the earth was soft we would dig a hole with our heel and if the ground was hard you'd use your pocket knife to dig. Do your business and then cover the hole back up just like a cat! Ain't nobody got time to be lugging junk. You always carried a knife and at least 2 kerchiefs. One to cool off your sweat and another to wipe your butt and toss in the hole.

D7ana said...

Hi Muff! I see what I am reading. No port o potty. I repeat that: no port a potty. All these years and I just knew someone was lugging plastic porta potties around. I mean, I would have thought that was a drag to carry around, but I assumed that was part of the camping thing. No port o potties.

Okay, camping is totally not a D7ana activity. I will never look at kerchiefs the same ;-)

Cindi Mortensen said...

I like this camping set. Where can I get one? Some of the Moreville residents like to camp. Me? Well, not really, although Marianne has a camper. A night or two in the woods is all I can handle, then I can't wait to come home! LOL Like others, it's the creepy, crawly things I can't stand...or the heat...or the humidity..etc. :-)

D7ana said...

Hi Cindi!

LOL, I could see Marianne with a camper. She's the sister with the truck, yes?

You win the bravery prize; I have not spent one night out in the woods.

I got the Lanard Camping play set back in the early 2000s from a local/online specialty shop called Small Blue Planet. (Note: you will need to highlight the section because the default text color is yellow; very hard to read against the white background.)

So you would look for this play set on eBay or from a collector or possibly in stores where they have old toy stock. Eh but that makes the chase all the more fun, yes? Happy hunting ;-)

V. said...

Poor girl lol! I don't like camping very much, although I've done it a few times (and those were enough to realize I don't really like it). I have the Stacey tent, but my dolls prefer the Mattel caravan:

Vanessa said...

That is a really nice camping set. One of the best I've seen. I've never officially gone camping, but it's something I really wanted to do when I had a family. I did sleep out in nature several times, without the tent and the sleeping bag. It's amazing to experience the stars, etc. in the darkness of night. Luckily there weren't any wild animals out there.

Brini said...

I'm going to have to be on the lookout for that little camping set! I was going to make a few tents but haven't got around to it yet. I have Camp out Stacy pool, just too lazy to look for it, lol! I love the pool too, it would be perfect for the little kiddies.

Male Doll World said...

Great camping set. I did not know they made sets for the dolls.

Chasing Joy said...

This is too funny. I have no desire to go camping. If the doll tent is this difficult can you imagine thr people one...

D7ana said...

Hi V., Vanessa, Brini, Male Doll World, and Chasing Joy!

@V. - Yes, Asia is happy to be back home and to NOT ever have to go camping again.

Your Mattel caravan looks fun. Running water, I bet, it has, lol. Your dolls are having fun. They know how to "visit nature" the best way - by van.

@Vanessa - glad you liked seeing this set. It is nice even though putting it together was a miss on my part. (Need to get outside help on the tent, lol.)

I would love to see the stars out as they are without the distraction of city lights, but unless I am whisked out to the country and then back into town, I suppose that is an experience I will not have. Sigh.

Good point about the wild animals. I don't mind them being out there in the wild; I am safely in the city. LOL.

@Brini - I wish you luck finding the camping set. Good luck setting up tents, too. You do fantastic group scene; I look forward to seeing your folks in a camp setting. Mr. Dotson would be a hoot in that setting, I bet ;-D

@Male Doll World - oh, yes, Lanard made play sets or accessories for I-Girl Asia.

Aspen got a snowmobile
Paris got a mountain bike
Rio got a jeep/all terrain vehicle
Sahara got the camping set seen here
Sydney got a kayak

but there doesn't seem to have been any adventure play set for Asia.


@Chasing Joy - looked at the right way, life is funny ;-)

My half-wish of going camping evaporated. I'd never get a real tent up. I'll pick up the sensations vicariously.

sandy sandhu said...
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D7ana said...

Sandy Sandhu left this comment:
Beautiful dolls :) Can we follow each other?

But she had links to women's shoes between the doll comment and her request so I removed that comment and replaced it with this reduced one.

My policy is to remove or edit links/comments that are not doll or action figure related.

Sandy, I would be happy to follow you in exchange for your following me on Google+. That is the nature of that site. Here though, this is dedicated doll and action figure space. I and my readers are here about dolls and action figures with an occasional side chat. I moderate comments.

Will look for you on Google+.

Carrickters said...

I'm actually glad I'm reading this late as the comments are as much fun as the post. That's a great camping set despite your/Asia's problems with the tent. And yes, I have been camping and slept in a tent (and a caravan and a cabin which I prefer to a tent).

D7ana said...

Hi Carrickters! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I always say the comments are the highlights. Asia and I are not camping enthusiasts; we should have asked someone else to put together the @#$% tent for us. Cough. Pardon the symbols ;-)

Camping in a caravan? Sounds cool to me. Much better than being out in a tent.