Tuesday, August 26, 2014

National Dog Day 2014

Yes, August 26, 2014 is National Dog Day in the United States of America.

Those who celebrate this special day might volunteer at a local pet or throw a dog-themed party or donate funds. I am sharing this blog post in honor of the day. When I was a little girl, I wanted a dachshund. I thought it looked so cute. After a few encounters with loose street dogs, I changed my mind: dogs were not necessarily nice. They barked. They might bite. A cat was a better choice.

Then a neighbor had two kittens she had to give away. For half a day, my sisters and I had  those two kittens - a white long-haired who would be "Fluffy" and a black short-haired who would be "Barnabas." Our joy was short-lived. My Dad would not live with cats. He told my mother if the cats stayed, he would leave. He called my Grandmother to back him up. Sigh. Our mother pointed out that fathers paid bills so that we could eat; fathers outranked cats. No matter how adorable. So bye bye Fluffy and Barnabas.

Then I met Louie. And Louie is a keeper.

But I never ever had a dog.

However, I do have a few play scale dogs. They have not achieved the personality of Beauty over at Brini's Doll Domain, but they're loved by the dolls and/or action figure who keep them. Anyone recognize these four-legged friends?

Play scale dogs by Mattel, SpinMaster, JakksPacific, etc.

Moved them around. Recognize any breeds here?

This cutie is in the Bedroom Desk & Chair set from 2006.

If are interested in live dogs in photos, click this link. If you have time to click your way to a good deed, do not forget the Animal Rescue Site.

Remember to keep "cool" on this dog day of August: follow this guy's example

black short-haired cat stretching out in nap
Louie Cooper, all the "dog" I need


Ms. Leo said...

Ah, cute kitty! I have all my dogs up on my husband's dresser! He does allow that! Happy National Dog Day! Ruff, Ruff!

Muff said...

A bittersweet post this is for me because even though my black Lab passed away 8 years ago, I still think of him often. Pets are the best be they doggies, kitties or other ities. When he passed everyone asked me immediately was I going to get another dog soon, which I thought was really insensitive. I wanted to say something really jerky back but settled for, "I don't want another dog. I want MY dog."

I have that Liv dog but the only breed I recognize is Corgie and maybe that's a Rottweiler.

Vanessa said...

I had no idea. You would think an avid dog lover such as myself, would know these details. Sad story about the kittens that had to go. I have a similar story. My husband (now my ex-husband) hated my 10 lb Dachsund poodle mix dog. Mind you I came with one dog and he came with 5 full time kids. I told him if it was between him and the dog, he didn't stand a chance. After my last two dogs, I never thought I would own anymore. Now every day I wake to my 4 loving doggies, I can't imagine life without them. They keep me smiling (most of the time). I'm glad you have Louie now.

Barb the Evil Genius said...

I wasn't allowed to have any pets at all as a child. Before Mr. BTEG and I got married, we adopted a cat and he and Mr. BTEG lived the single life for a couple of months. We've had cats ever since. But Mr. BTEG had dogs growing up, and loves them too.

I have a few Barbie dogs, but I especially cherish the Sunshine Family cat and dog from my childhood. Unfortunately, the doggie lost one of his set-in eyes at some point.

Cindi Mortensen said...

After my last two dogs passed, I swore I'd never get another pet. It was too heartbreaking to lose them. But then came Cassie, a golden/lab mix. And I wouldn't trade her for nothing or nobody. Now, thanks to Vanessa, we have Bruiser. I'm glad you have Louie. He's adorable! :-)

jSarie said...

National Dog Day! I had no idea that was a thing, but it's brilliant!

It's funny, because I'm a total dog person, but I have no in-scale dogs for my dolls or figures. Seeing how cute this pack is, I think I need to do some shopping to remedy that!

RoxanneRoxanne said...

This is such a cute post. Louie is adorable! I had 2 dogs growing up. My oldest brother gave me a kitten, but I was not allowed to keep it. My husband and I have 3 cats. We also had a dog at one point (I tried to convince him to get a small dog, but he insisted on a big one). We both love animals, and under different circumstances I could see us having a little mini-zoo (it felt like that's what we had when we had the dog and cats).

The only 1/6 dog that I have is Briana Joy's dog Longfellow. I don't recognize the dogs in your post.

Phyllis said...

I used to rescue dogs. I fostered some 27 different dogs when I was doing it. I found homes for all of them except the ones I ended up keeping. My problem was that I fell in love with too many of them and cried when I had to see them go to their new homes. Many of the new owners kept in touch with me and sent pictures at Christmas.

One of the hardest things is when a pet passes. I have been through the passing of 2 dogs and 3 cats. I still tear up thinking of them. Because of the desire of my daughters, we now have one dog and 2 cats. And my dolls have quite a few two. Love them to the moon and back!

Vanessa said...

Phyllis you are a woman after my own heart. My ex-husband and I rescued quite a few dogs, and found homes for them. I am horrible at rescuing and finding homes now that I am by myself. I rescue and keep. Tsk, tsk, tsk. I had two dogs show up on my doorstep a week ago. They were well kept, but didn't have collars. I sent them on their way. Four dogs in my house is enough. I've always wanted to live on a farm and rescue a whole boatload of dogs. They have such unique little personalities.

D7ana said...

Hi Ms. Leo, Muff, Vanessa, Barb the Evil Genius, Cindi Mortensen, jSarie, RoxanneRoxanne, and Phyllis!

My Internet connection fizzled out last night. Could not send my responses then. Thanks for writing.

@Ms. Leo - Louie has cute down pat, lol. Congrats on getting the hubby to let your doggies have a place on his dresser. Happy National Dog's Day to you, too!

@Muff - I would think that was insensitive, too, asking if you wanted to get ANOTHER dog right after. I worry about Louie. If something happened to him, another cat would not "fix" the loss I'd feel. Pets can be so loyal and so endearing. I've lived without pets for years; these last years with Louie though - priceless. Not that there would necessarily be that same bond with another cat or with any other creature.

Yes, the one in the bedroom desk set is a Corgi. I don't think any of them are Rottweilers though except possibly the dark brown one on the end is a Rottweiler mix; they didn't say what kind he is ;-)

@Vanessa - I'm guessing in most cases; the companies don't always say what kind of dog it is. So we go by looks. Shrug.

@Barb the Evil Genius - I adore cats ;-) I have met some dogs that I liked.

I hate how the Sunshine/Happy figures and their creatures lose eyes ;-{

@Cindi Mortensen - I never had a pet die. Whew. The cats we had just went to someone else. Glad that you have Bruiser. It's fun to read about him on your blog.

@jSarie - oh, these dogs did not come together. They are from different companies, etc. But yes, they are a great addition to a collection ;-)

@Roxanne - I remember reading about your cats - possibly on WLBD? - yay, you.

I did not know that Briana Joy had a dog. Darn. Need to check that.

@Phyllis - I can't - don't want to think how I would feel if anything happened to Louie. I admire your courage and your heart in rescuing dogs. You and Vanessa are probably familiar with The Animal Rescue Site? They do a lot of neat things.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I did not know that August 26 was the day of the dog. Great day. Dogs are man's best friends. I have a fear of dogs because I was bitten 3 dogs. Anyway, I love Barbie's dog. I also have several dogs for my dolls. You hace a great collection. Keep in touch

Brini said...

Like Marta I had no idea there was a National Dog Day. Oh Boy, I can see Beauty now since she all about her. Like you I have loved dolls but when I settle on a pet I got a cat. Alexis was just like your Louie solid black and with funny personality. She loved to eat microwave popcorn, Doritos and every now and then sweet potato pie, thanks to my son. I trusted her with someone and that was a big mistake so I don't know what happen to here. As you know my father was a dog person so we grew up with dogs. I think if I was to get a dog it would be a toy breed, I wouldn't mind a Carin Terrier but if I get a big one I would want a Tibetan Mastiff. As for your dogs I think one is a terrier, like the bud light dog and the brown one a rottweiler then the yellow one could be a Golden Retriever, perhaps the brown one represent a Border Collie or Akita? and then your little one behind that look like Dachshund then the little brown one could be a Brown retriever. Thanks for the honorable mention!

V. said...

Your cat is such a beauty! I'm a cat lady too XD All my neighbours have dogs so I'm sick and tired about those animals but my cat is a wonderful companion. Nevertheless, my dolls are like your: they have several dogs as pets (and other animals too).

D7ana said...

Hi Marta, Brini, and V.!

@Marta - oh my! Sorry to read that you were bitten by dogs. Three. Shudder. At first, I wanted a dog; then I became afraid of them because some of the stray dogs would snarl at me. I can't imagine how I would handle being bit. Ouch!

Glad that your doll have dogs - nice, "safe" dogs ;-)

@Brini - I think your Beauty is the most featured dog among the storytelling blogs ;-) When I thought "playscale dog" and blogs, your site popped to mind. So the mention.

Thanks for your help identifying some of the dogs. I'm happy to have names for some I just thought of as "dog," lol. I need to do a follow-up post identifying the source of the doggies and our guesses as to their

@V. Thanks for the compliment to Louie. I think he's the most handsome, most beautiful, smartest, most adorable cat in the whole world. But I am a little biased ;-)

I think that there are more playscale dogs made than playscale cats so that's probably why our dolls have more dogs than cats.

And I did mean to do a doll pet post; need to find my creatures and photograph them ;-).

Natalia Tadra said...

You have nice collection of dogs:
). My dolls love animals too. We have some puppies and kittens:)

D7ana said...

Hi Natalia Tadra! Thanks for the compliment to the dogs. They are pleased to hear it ;-)

We also have kittens a snake, a rat, some birds and some other animals. I'll have to get their photos out.

I'd love to see photos of your dolls' animals, too. Please leave a link if you'd like to share so I and others here (er in cyberspace, lol) can see them.

Thanks for visiting.