Monday, November 30, 2009

Additional FS: Mod Dolls, Janay, Clothes, and Accessories

Here are some more things to look at or to buy if interested:

Stylin' Zone Janay with white & red straight hair and green eyes, $20

TNT Barbie, Straight leg Midge, TNT Francie, and TNT Twiggy, $60

Mod fashions, $25

Plastic backpacks, handbags, and clutches - over 30 items, $5

Remember: no returns - please ask any and all questions before you order. Postage NOT included with these prices.

CyberMonday Specials - Today Only

Okay, here's my first CyberMonday Sale.

1. See photos of For Sale dolls and action figures in my DAF folder

2. Today Only and for Blog Viewers only, these prices on these dolls and figures:

MIB Highland Fling Barbie $25
NRFB For Sale My Scene Shopping Spree Delancey Target $10
NRFB Japanese Exclusive Schoolgirl Reina $22.00

NRFB Maxie's Friend Kristen for $30

NRFB Nine to Five Momoko $60.00

Note: for these sale price, no returns and PayPal payment due today (after checking on postage). Please note CyberMonday Sale in any e-mail query sent to d7cooper @ .

Thanks for looking. Happy shopping!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cyber Monday

Wikipedia defines Cyber Monday as the first Monday after Black Friday. Whether you believe that employees return to work after a long weekend and log in to their work computers to shop online, you might find the phrase-affiliated site, CyberMonday useful. I have not shopped there before, but if anyone reading this post decides to try it, please write here to let me know about it.

Happy Buying, All!

And to All, Great Buys!

Target Barbie Holiday Exclusive(s) 2009

I first read about the Target Exclusive Happy Holidays Barbie at Charles' Doll Diary. Cute doll and cute holiday accessories like a Barbie-sized Christmas stocking to match any doll ornaments you might get. Charles' photo showed a doll in a red-white dress. So when I checked the doll remainders yesterday (the Black Friday leavings) and saw a pink-white dressed doll as well, I thought, photograph the pair.

Does anyone know if there are other variations on this doll? And are there ever any ethnic Target Holiday dolls? Curious, I am. There are ethnic Halloween Kellys so .... Eh well.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mattel Barbie Basics Seen in Philly Today!

Yippee! Saw the Mattel Barbie Basics in Toys R Us today!

Models 005 Lea, 007 Gia, 010 Christie, and 011 Teresa impressed me, but my favorite of all was 012 Shannon. If I could only get ONE doll in this series, that would be the one. It's not that the others I mentioned lacked anything as much as it was that I only have one other doll with the Shannon mold - the 2005 Fashion Fever Shannon wearing blue metallic pants. But this new Barbie Basic Shannon has more realistic eyes and stunning honey brown hair and complexion. While beautiful, I could point to similar dolls I already own to match the others - except Gia. And while the Barbie Basics Gia is gorgeous, I could pass on her. Couldn't I?

Friday, November 27, 2009

Because I Do Collect Other Dolls and Action Figures ....

Lately, my posts have been Barbie, Barbie, Barbie. Mattel, Mattel, Mattel,

Yes, half my collection is by Mattel. Roughly. But that doesn't mean that they need to have the lion's share of my posts. So I present this fashion doll by Jakks Pacific, Taylor Swift, modeled after the young country music singer.

And no, I do not follow Ms. Swift's music any more than I did the Cheetah Girls. I just saw a new doll series. And the outfit and guitar looked cute. And she was on sale last year ....

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy 90th - 6 ABC - IKEA Thanksgiving Day Parade

Poor Kerstie lost her shoe! She was to be on a float representing the denizens of East Philly in this mornings Thanksgiving Day Parade. Click "Thanksgiving" for highlights on the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Thanks for following my blog and for submitting inspiring, insightful, and fun comments.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Which Rebelde Doll to Buy? Schoolgirl or Concert?

Mattel issued two versions of the Rebelde or RBD female dolls: the schoolgirl one and the concert one. Is there a difference between the two? Yes, Virginia, there is.

The Schoolgirl RBD dolls are on the shortened "Hobbit" body while the Concert RBD dolls are on normal-Barbie bodies. Yay Concert dolls!

However, the hair styles on the Roberta Schoolgirl and the Roberta Concert dolls differ. I think the Schoolgirl doll has a prettier face - she has a right side part. The Concert doll has short bangs. Guess who's going to play Frankenstein and swap heads? Ah, you know me well LOL.

Here are the photos for comparison:

Monday, November 23, 2009

Mattel Barbie Bond 007 Girls - Photo Link

George of Angelic Dreamz has photos of the Black Label Barbie Bond Girls at Angelic Dreamz. These three dolls will be available this December - and for $34.95 EACH:

* Bond Girl Dr. No Honey Ryder (actress, Ursula Andress)

* Bond Girl Goldfinger Pussy Galore (actress, Honor Blackman)

* Bond Girl Die Another Day Jinx (actress, Halle Berry)

I'm not a Bond fan - the Bond movies are fun and pleasantly ridiculous, ranking as a B or a C movie choice - so I could take or leave dolls based on the Bond franchise. However, the strong resemblances of the dolls to the actresses might prove the "take" for me. Sometimes Mattel gets a good likeness.

Check this link for more information about Bond girls.

Wonder if a series of Bond Kens is in the works. Now that would be exciting. Too ;-D.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Inexpensive DAF Furniture

The Jonathan Adler Happy Chic Set couch sells for $49.95 - from the site. I have nothing against Wintergreen Canada mint pink or Jonathan Adler or Barbie, but I prefer my doll and action figure (DAF) furniture in neutral colors. However, realistic DAF furniture tends to be pricey. Had I money enough, sure I'd happily buy it. But at this time I am scrambling for DAF funds let alone DAF accessory funds. What can I do? Shop the jewelry and gift departments of Ross, Burlington Coat Factory, A.J. Wright, and similar discount stores for soft-sided jewelry boxes in couch, love seat, chair and chaise boxes.

As you can see in these two examples, the colors are bright, vivid, but neutral. Bye bye Day Glo glare. The proportions suit playscale figures. The pieces are sounder than the flimsy pieces packaged with dolls and action figures. AND they have wood components and hardware. Moreover, the cost per piece is usually under $20, if not under $10. Half the cost of the designer couch.

Below I show two examples of jewelry box-turned-DAF-furniture I own.

Hasbro G.I. Joe on red

Momoko and Hasbro Star Wars Lando on wine

Friday, November 20, 2009

Dr. Who Fan Alert! Playscale Tardis and Tardis Console

For the Dr. Who fans, a British company is working on a Dr. Who Tardis and a Dr. Who Tardis Console in PLAYSCALE.

Eeekk! (Translation - I shriek and jump up and down for a bit.)

I wouldn't describe myself as a big Dr. Who fan - I only followed one of the Doctors after all - but I thought the Tom Baker Dr. Who episodes were fun. Sarah Jane was a drip, but Leela was cool. Leela was the warrior woman. Sarah Jane would be considered smarter, I suppose, but Leela could kick butt. And she was brave. She tried to rescue the Doctor. Mostly though, I watched to see Tom Baker loom over the set. He seemed larger than life in height and eye rolling and with gorgeous, bouncy, big curls. Not conventionally handsome or subtly sexy, the Tom Baker Dr. Who was enthusiastic. Fun.

The only Dr. Who figures I have is Martha Jones by Character Options. Alas, I missed getting the David Tennant Dr. Who action figure. Shrug. Possibly someday ....

But let me provide the link for the playscale Tardis. No price is mentioned so I imagine that it will be expensive. Sigh. Eh well, it will be fun to see and to imagine.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Playscale Samsons: Long-haired Males

My guys - dolls and action figures alike - felt left out. So I offer this post as sop to them and as a photo theme contrast to my recent photos of female dolls and action figures. I gathered my long-haired guys and aimed the camera at them. For your viewing, the Samsons of East Philly:

Back row: customized Mattel Blaine, Toy Biz Gandalf, Bbi Tyr, Jakks Pacific Oliver, Jakks Pacific Van Helsing

Second row: Mattel John Smith, Dragon Ekin Cheng, Jakks Pacific Chris Jericho, Takara Chinese Tom, and Mattel Kocoum

Front row: Mattel Harley Davidson Ken 1, Mattel Legolas, Mattel Li Shang, and Hasbro Prince Moses

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More Decisions ... Asha Head Mold

As seen in previous posts, I have Shani's friend Asha as well as swimsuit dolls and a ballerina produced from that head mold. I should be tired of the Asha face by now, right?

Wrong. Okay, I won't be keeping the AA Holiday Joy Barbie. There's no click, no story generation. (See, some of them really will be leaving ;-D) Here she is along with a Chilean Barbie, also to go, go, go.

But. Such a weighty word in the English language. Looking at these five dolls created with the Asha head mold, I realize, I don't want to give up any of them. It's some magical voodoo that Mattel artists do to take one head mold and give it different looks that cause a reasonably sane adult to plunk down money time after time. Let's pause to applaud the Mattel artists and painters for making us collectors feel richer even as our wallets grow slimmer.

Behold these beauties and tell me, could you turn aside even one of them? Alas, I cannot.

Holiday Party Nikki, the first doll from the left, has lovely coloring and a beautiful face paint job. The dress is cute, and the tiny gold plastic purse fits the occasion and the outfit. Traditional, understated chic.

Next Rocker Nikki beside Holiday Party has pink hair streaks, bending arms, and a black tulle mini skirt. What in that description should I want to miss? Throw in another lovely face paint job and the gavel pounds, "She stays."

Glam Nikki in the center was a surprise choice for the "Stay" group; true, her outfit is bright and attractive. But why keep her when I have sooo many other Asha-faced dolls? What's my refrain? Beautiful face paint job. Lovely complexion, too.

Really Rosy Christie is next. Check that creamy complexion, the light brown eyes, and that streaked hair. Streaked hair! On a Barbie, no, on a Christie? Definitely a KEEPER. How often does Mattel do natural-toned streaking on doll hair? Got to keep her since I can.

Last but certainly not least is Purple Panic Christie. I wasn't a 100% sold on this doll when I first got her. Why did I buy her then? I liked her coloring and her pose-ability. I didn't have a story for her then, but that happens a lot. Something makes me buy the doll or action figure and then, years later, the story unfolds. Shrug.

Quick story threads: well, Holiday Party Nikki is an administrative assistant. Rocker Nikki is a rock singer in need of a guitar and a group. Glam Nikki is a model. Really Rosy Christie is a journalist, and Purple Panic Christie is a kindergarden teacher.

Other Asha headed dolls remaining: AA Ballerina Barbie, Harley Davidson AA Barbie, 2 Cali Girl Christies, Generation Girl Nichelle, and possibly, the Fashion Fever Christie doll wearing the Barbie tee shirt.

Decisions: Shall They Stay or Should They Go? Part 2

I wanted to include the photo that shifted my thinking from "this one is going" to "oh, I have to keep these two."

Don't these two look related? Single parent, lingerie model Mom and her confident-in-my-body, free-spirited daughter. (Remember, pictures speak 1000s of words to me ;-D) How could I separate them once I knew their relationship. No such monster am I.

Gavel pounds once. Decision: they stay.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Decisions: Shall They Stay or Should They Go?

There are dolls that I look at and instantly note: that one is NOT going anywhere.

Then there are dolls that make me wonder why I got them in the first place. Sale? Temporary insanity? Safe passage out of a dangerous story?

More though are the puzzlers - dolls and action figures that I am not sure I want to keep. Should they stay or should they go? Here are some dolls that fall under that category and here's the reasoning I used to reach a decision.

I thought that these 3 Summer-face mold dolls would be easy. Check them here:

Okay, the first from the left is a Fashion Fever Raquelle doll. Surely I would let her go. She's on the dreaded Hobbit body for starters. The middle doll, Courtney, I like her eye screening. Keeper. Even if her head is a little big. But she's on a standard Barbie body. Finally, the Fashion Fever pajama doll ... lovely. Keeper.

Then, I shifted the dolls around. The Fashion Fever pajama doll was first in the new lineup. Next to her was the newer Fashion Fever Raquelle and to the far right, Courtney. Uh oh. I could see a relationship between the two Fashion Fever dolls ... mother in lilac nightie and teen daughter in black denim mini skirt.

I decided to keep all three.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Teresa and Hispanic Barbie Queries? Go Princesa

Ever wonder when Teresa was introduced to the Barbie line? Or which Barbie dolls had Hispanic versions? Wonder no longer. Go to La Princesa Plastica for your Teresa and Hispanic Barbie queries.

You can read about these dolls in English or in Spanish. There are links to a Teresa Timeline and to a list of Hispanic Barbies.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Attempting Order: DAF Organization, Part 1

I spent time offline in the DAF Room. I separated boxed dolls from out-of-boxed dolls, from loose clothes. The above photo shows my progress. To the left, there's an open box of NRFB dolls and action figures with a narrower box of deboxed figures on top. In the middle, there are loose dolls and action figures. To the right, I have two big bins of loose clothes (his, hers, hers) and more loose clothes in smaller plastic boxes. These are my keepers, the ones I want to retain.


Order established in one section. Yay! Applause!

Friday, November 13, 2009

New: Mattel Kiddies Webshots Folder and Kelly Link

Kellys are the doll equivalents of M&M candies. Neat, sweet, bursts of bright color. Tiny starfish hands, big eyes smiling at/with you. Just too adorable, you coo. Well, I coo anyway ;- D. You think, oh just one or two, but end up with piles of them LOL. Well, maybe not piles, but bigger collections of them than I ever intended.

I have added some Kelly and friends photos to my Webshots photo album ....

Kelly photos

Also, here is a Kelly Checklist suggested by Therese of Dolls of Color.

One suggestion though: do NOT eat your Kellys. The plastic and vinyl are probably toxic to humans. And how can you enjoy the sight of them if they're dinner?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Juliana Heng Article About Assessing Your Collection

I came across this interesting article, Too Many Toys by Juliana Heng.

Ms. Heng's observations and comments could help anyone weighing the quantity of their collection. I am guilty of allowing my DAFs to invade other rooms - beyond my DAFZ (Doll and Action Figure Room) and my bedroom. There are some other points in that article that I recognize.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Collector Confession: Photos Speak a 1000 Words

Welcome to my Doll Room or the Doll and Action Figure Zone (DAFZ)!

I confess: I have more dolls and action figures and accessories than I can maintain neatly given the storage units I have. Sigh. Part of me is pleased beyond belief - this was the dream of my childhood, to have hundreds, even thousands of dolls.

(Aside - I only have 100s - they are not yet into a 1000. Figures. If you add the figures, the clothes, the footwear, the accessories, etc., well ... that would be like adding apples and oranges. I plea, not fair.)

Part of me is a little abashed. Now these are just the dolls and action figures in the DAFZ: these photos do not show the figures in the laundry room or in the hall or in my bedroom or in the one IKEA Detolf cabinet that I have. Yes, oh my.

I share these photos, not to show off - if I had glass cases and shelves full of figures, well, then I could justifiably show off - but partly as a cautionary viewing and partly as proof of dedication to this hobby. If this blog in itself did not establish my love for this hobby, the photos seal my confession, this conclusion.

Next steps? Review, assess, and purge!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Toys R Us Exclusives: Star Trek Sulu & Pike by Playmates

Playscale fans of John Cho and Bruce Greenwood, rejoice!

Toys R Us offers 12" Star Trek Sulu and Pike as Toys R Us exclusives. Eek! There, I screamed for you. Sulu and Pike are sold individually as are the other 12" Playmates Star Trek characters. Price is $29.99 each and you can get them online. Here are the links for Sulu and for Pike.

For those local (Philly or surrounding suburbs), I saw these figures at the Toys R Us on Aramingo Avenue. They might be at a Toys R Us near you. It's harder to take a photo at Toys R Us - I was denied the privilege at another TRU; I confess I just snapped them at this one without asking - so the following photos could have been better.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Friday, November 6, 2009

Barnabas Collins Review Link to

For "Dark Shadows" fans or Barnabas Collins fans or anyone interested in reading an excellent review, here's a link to the Barnabas Collins action figure review by Michael Crawford.

Warning: Mr. Crawford's mostly action figure with a few doll reviews are addictive. You likely won't be able to read just one.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Liv Display at Springfield Target

Alien encounter in a suburban store? Check Daniela's fists and Alexis' hair.

Found at Clifton Heights Kmart - Mattel Twilight, Odd Doll

Earlier today, I entered the Clifton Heights Kmart on Baltimore Pike for the first time. They had Twilight Barbie and Ken available. I also saw an odd doll, a porcelain child doll who looked as if she could almost fit Barbie-scale.

Here are the photos:

Twilight (Yawn) Barbie as Bella

Twilight Ken as Edward

He has an interesting face. Looks as if his nose were smashed and his head elongated. Striking rather than handsome.

Porcelain Drummer Doll

Kmart shoppers, you might want to find this porcelain doll with a gold drum set. She was in the Clearance section for $7.00.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mixis Clothes Patterns Coming in December

Mixis patterns will be ready to be downloaded from the Mixis web site this December. The cost will be around $5-10. I received this information from Debbie Goodland, the President and Founder of YNU Group, Incorporated. Please check the Mixis store at the Mixis homepage next month. Any updates I receive, I will post here. This information is all I have now.

YNU Group may also produce similar patterns for other fashion dolls as well. A best outfit contest will run at that time – further details to be announced.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Psst ... Love Momokos in Lingerie? Click here ....

to see lovely Momokos in exquisite settings.

Parco in Shibuya

Sigh. My Momokos could use more "sisters" LOL

In a similar vein, R&D Dolls have two breathtaking PetWorks CCS Momokos available from the 09AWH line to be released by the end of this month. (Note: if you are interested in ordering either, contact R&D now because these dolls go quickly.)

Happy viewing!