Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More Decisions ... Asha Head Mold

As seen in previous posts, I have Shani's friend Asha as well as swimsuit dolls and a ballerina produced from that head mold. I should be tired of the Asha face by now, right?

Wrong. Okay, I won't be keeping the AA Holiday Joy Barbie. There's no click, no story generation. (See, some of them really will be leaving ;-D) Here she is along with a Chilean Barbie, also to go, go, go.

But. Such a weighty word in the English language. Looking at these five dolls created with the Asha head mold, I realize, I don't want to give up any of them. It's some magical voodoo that Mattel artists do to take one head mold and give it different looks that cause a reasonably sane adult to plunk down money time after time. Let's pause to applaud the Mattel artists and painters for making us collectors feel richer even as our wallets grow slimmer.

Behold these beauties and tell me, could you turn aside even one of them? Alas, I cannot.

Holiday Party Nikki, the first doll from the left, has lovely coloring and a beautiful face paint job. The dress is cute, and the tiny gold plastic purse fits the occasion and the outfit. Traditional, understated chic.

Next Rocker Nikki beside Holiday Party has pink hair streaks, bending arms, and a black tulle mini skirt. What in that description should I want to miss? Throw in another lovely face paint job and the gavel pounds, "She stays."

Glam Nikki in the center was a surprise choice for the "Stay" group; true, her outfit is bright and attractive. But why keep her when I have sooo many other Asha-faced dolls? What's my refrain? Beautiful face paint job. Lovely complexion, too.

Really Rosy Christie is next. Check that creamy complexion, the light brown eyes, and that streaked hair. Streaked hair! On a Barbie, no, on a Christie? Definitely a KEEPER. How often does Mattel do natural-toned streaking on doll hair? Got to keep her since I can.

Last but certainly not least is Purple Panic Christie. I wasn't a 100% sold on this doll when I first got her. Why did I buy her then? I liked her coloring and her pose-ability. I didn't have a story for her then, but that happens a lot. Something makes me buy the doll or action figure and then, years later, the story unfolds. Shrug.

Quick story threads: well, Holiday Party Nikki is an administrative assistant. Rocker Nikki is a rock singer in need of a guitar and a group. Glam Nikki is a model. Really Rosy Christie is a journalist, and Purple Panic Christie is a kindergarden teacher.

Other Asha headed dolls remaining: AA Ballerina Barbie, Harley Davidson AA Barbie, 2 Cali Girl Christies, Generation Girl Nichelle, and possibly, the Fashion Fever Christie doll wearing the Barbie tee shirt.


Niel Camhalla said...

I like the facial screenings of the 5 dolls below than the holiday one, but those two dolls have cute outfits. Sell them nude?

D7ana said...

Great idea, Niel!

I probably got the dolls for the outfits anyway. Well, the Holiday one was a gift, but keeping the outfits, that would be neat.

Chelle said...

Its amazing how all the dolls do look unique. I don't know how you can make the choice on who goes and who stays. I get so attached to my dolls for some reason. Of course some will have to go, but I am dreading that so I keep putting it off. You are a brave one for trying. :-)

D7ana said...

Thanks, Chelle!

Actually, I am less brave than you think ;-D Our landlord informed us that we needed to cut back on the quantity of stuff we have. Sigh. I understand intellectually why, but it is hard to pick and choose in some cases. Other times, I wonder why I got a particular figure in the first place. Shrug.