Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Prettie Girls Soon to Ship - Thanks, Debbie

DBG of Black Doll Collecting blog shared the news that two of the One World Project Prettie Girls, Lena and Valencia, will be shipping soon. Price is $21.95 EACH - a sale price since the website, the regular cost will be $24.95. (That regular cost is a little higher than expected, but given that the dolls are articulated and the clothes look quality, not too extravagant.) So if you were interested in these dolls, check the updated photos and additional information at their website, The Prettie Girls! Dolls. Or check DBG's Black Doll Collecting blog and Roxanne's Dolls blog for coming photos.

Me, I want Valencia first. I know I had said Lena before, but that's before I fell in love with the pink Chucks Valencia has. Lena's shoes have heels. I hate heels - well, to wear them anyway. So I prefer to have my dolls wearing what I would wear. When I can that is - smile.

More posts about the Prettie Girls can be found on this blog (yes, some links outside this blog, smile) and more information can be found in my Pinterest board for the Prettie Girls. Happy reading and viewing.