Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mystery of a 2012 Target Halloween Chelsea

Want to see the Halloween Chelseas for this year? First, there is a blonde Chelsea, dressed as a ghost this year. Then there is this red-haired Chelsea who resembles Kitsie. She's dressed as a witch. Now the third Chelsea in this group ... whoa ... she has black hair. Hey, she looks like Ms. Leo's newest dolly Delia. This cutie is dressed as a spider. But wait - she looks Asian American! Is 2012 the year that Mattel issues their first Asian American Chelsea?

Okay, I clapped, too. I wonder if an Asian American Halloween Barbie will follow? Yay, Mattel! Go Mattel .... Or maybe this Chelsea is Barbie's biracial half-sister? Or is this Chelsea an adopted sibling? What do you think?