Monday, May 6, 2013

May Notes

What will PhillyCollector discuss this May? Well, this is Asian and Pacific-American Heritage Month. And looking over my last two years' coverage on this topic, I think I need to update my list of Asian and Pacific-American Heritage dolls and action figures. So that's one topic.

What else does May hold? Mother's Day. That means a special Mother's Day post. I can share photos of established (by manufacturers) doll and/or action figure mothers and their children. Midge and her parents, etc. Then I can also show mother(s) and child(ren) pairings created by me like Color Rave Janay and a Mattel Prince.

And how can I forget the International Black Doll Show held at the end of this month? Alas, as most of you probably know, the Philadelphia Doll Museum will NOT be doing the Show this year. I might have a tribute post about that.

I am organizing my collection so I'll share insights and tips on that project.

And I want to do a Mixis doll promotion ... so I can be sure that I can someday have those unreleased dolls ....

Projects galore, smile.