Wednesday, July 11, 2012

SALE -- All Four Sunshine Mixis Dolls for $80.00

Want to receive all 4 Sunshine Mixis fashion dolls [Houda, Emerald, Rosa and Opal (curly or straight hair)] for $80.00 USD? Send off an e-mail message to Mixis mail. This offer ends July 31, 2012. Shipping from Canada not included in that price.

This special sale was announced on the Mixis Junior Facebook page, but it is open to everyone. If you do not have any Mixis dolls or if you want to buy some for friends and family, now would be a good time to get them. You can check my earlier posts for additional photos and comments about this Canadian doll series.

Liv Wigs Get Real on Another Fashion Doll

A PhillyCollector reader asked if the Liv wigs could be worn by Barbie dolls.

My first thought was no. Just a quick look and no ... not possible. The wig is too big for Barbie's smaller head. But then I looked at a Liv wig. Shame to not use the hair. Is it really too big for ALL of my dolls and action figures?

Hmmm ... let's see. Barbie's head circumference is about 4 inches. The Liv wig's circumference is 6 inches. So the Liv wigs are too big for most Barbie heads. My Scene dolls have a circumference of 5 inches ... closer, but still not an exact match. Ready to throw out your Liv wigs? Let's try something.

In the following photos, I place two Liv wigs on a Get Real Girl Skylar doll. The Get Real Girls have a head circumference of 5 inches. Without alterations, the Liv wigs fit Skylar with a slight gap in the back so that you would notice that inch difference except that I have Skyler's original hair filling in that gap. If I wanted this to be a permanent attachment, I would

1. remove Skylar's hair

2. cut the plug inside the Liv wig

3. cut a slit in the wig from the outer edge to the center to open it up

4. fit the wig around Skylar's head

5. glue the head or inside the wig and either tie it down with a scarf or hold it down with a hat

Here Get Real Girl Skyler tries on two of the Liv wigs. I prefer the black hair (Danielle's wig) over the brown hair (Alexis' wig). What is your preference?