Sunday, March 10, 2013

Plumper Kids from Paddywhack Lane - Ross Sale

How many of you find Mattel kiddies too thin and small? Want to have plumper playscale kids? Try the Costumed Kids from Paddywhack Lane LLC. These small cuties remind me of the Strawberry Shortcake dolls from the 1980s. "Adorable, sweet, cute" are appropriate adjectives here. You can find them online OR find some of them at your Ross Dress for Less store. These figures are the ones that I saw at a Philadelphia Ross store.

I love the Ross pricing ... $3.99 each! The accessories look playscale; the dolls themselves might be a little off scale. You cannot see the face of Ella Mouse, but her toy or pet mouse looks adorable. The cheese wedge looks too big though. Then again, Ella might have really wanted that mouse caught.

Next is Joshua and his puppy. Is that dog food? Yes, D7ana. Food. And a bone for gnawing.

Lindsay Bumblebee has her own crock of honey. I would repaint the eyes to fit the Kelly/Chelsea dolls better.

Madeline the Duck has a cute little yellow rubber duckie and a floating ring. Awww ...

Here is the back view of the box for the Costumed Kids. There is a website you can visit that shows photos of a child tree house that might fit the Mattel Kelly/Chelsea dolls. Or it might inspire some of our creative enthusiasts to create his or her own kiddie tree house. Me? I hope that I come across a reduced price version of the tree house. Failing that, it might be a fun project to do on my own.