Thursday, December 29, 2011

Two Faces of Justin Bieber (Doll)

Visited Walmarts - for inexpensive cat food. Yes, the cat has to eat, and either Walmarts or Target have the best prices for his food. Target is usually more tempting - for non-cat food things - so I sacrificed and went to Walmarts instead. Halo intact, I ventured over to the toy section - just to "look see." Found something unexpected: new Justin Beiber faces: one open-mouth (grinny); the other closed-mouth. The Bridge Direct, Inc. - the company who bring the playscale Justin Bieber dolls to vinyl - now offer combable aka rooted hair and talking Justin Bieber dolls.

The open-mouthed doll is called "Talking Justin Bieber"; other JB dolls are called JB Performance Collection dolls OR JB Style Collection dolls. The talking doll amused me because he has such tiny teeth. He has a smidge more personality than the closed-mouth dolls. He reminds me of Mattel's "Sweet Talking Ken." Weird, hmmm? Mattel's Ken resembles Justin Bieber whose doll in turn pulls a Ken act. Justin, however, has 12 set mushy phrases like "I heart?love? my fans." Sigh. Poor Ken. Your fiftieth anniversary and NO VOCABULARY of your own.

Snore. Oh, sorry. How rude to fall asleep over my own blog post. Can you imagine having a friend so vapid that he only repeats what you tell him to say? Who couldn't speak his own lines? I mean, you might as well date a tape recorder with voice distortion replay, lol. But the new Beiber doll has hair you can comb. Head falls forward. Yes, I am TOO awake still.

For additional photos of the Basic or the Style Collection dolls or outfits or playsets? You can find them at the company's website for Justin Bieber toys. Related news briefs can be found here as well.

In the meantime, here is the special set that I saw:

The Concert set looks cute ... nice looking musical instruments. Guitar, keyboard, and DRUMS.