Friday, November 25, 2011

Choice Awards Tawny of the Flavas - The Accessories

My post about Choice Awards Tawny would be incomplete without a look at her clothes and accessories. And Tawny came with nice quality accessories. Let's see them.

Open her box and you would see Tawny, her microphone, her jewelry, her second outfit, her wig, and her wig box.

Before we look at her outfits and accessories, Tawny needs to take off her heavy coat. Shake herself out a little. Whew! That's a little better.

Okay, let's start with her jewelry which consists of 2 silver necklaces, a silver bracelet, and two pairs of earrings. Nice, hmmm?

She also has a pair of top-stitched loafers that she wears and a pair of silver sneaker-boots that she has to round out her second outfit. The loafers tickle me. I usually think of loafers as "nerdy shoes." I have worn them, but I would not consider them footwear for a hip hop or street artist. Then again, I have about as much knowledge of "cool circa 2003" fashions as Mattel did. Ha.

Her first outfit includes a plushy tan mid-calf coat with a "fur" collar, a white knit halter top, her Choice Awards badge, bronze knickers and the loafers; the second outfit consists of a silver short-sleeved top, denim mini-skirt, and the silver boots. Her Choice Awards plaque is also in this photo. You can see her clothes on the Barbie mannequins below:

Then there are her hair accessories. The auburn wig , her wig case, the clear wig holder, her golden barrettes, and her silver brush. Oh and her red-black graphic sunglasses.

Let's close that box and put it aside.

Can we see you wearing the sunglasses, Tawny? Thanks!

Finally, here is a look at her Choice Awards Night backdrop.

But where is Tawny now? I suppose she got tired and left to take a nap. Even the brightest of starlets get tired at night. So do I. Good night everyone. Hope you've all had a safe Black Friday.