Monday, November 21, 2011

Awards Night Tawny of the Flavas 2003

Quick: How many waves of the Flavas did Mattel create between 2002-2003?

Answer: Six. Street, Sport, Bike, Denim and Diamonds, Party, and Choice Awards.

How many answered five, not including the Choice Awards dolls? I might have answered so 7-8 years ago. The Flavas dolls seemed to have ended with the Party wave of dolls. For years, I did not realize that the Choice Awards dolls existed. Then I came across the Choice Awards Liam and Tre in a local Value City store. and I knew I HAD to have Tawny. Want-funds-determination all worked to bring a kind fellow collector with an extra Tawny to me. My once Grail doll became a new doll in my collection.

If you are familiar with the Flavas line-up, you will know that the six teenagers are Happy D, Kiyoni Brown, Tika, P Bo, Tre, and Liam. For all the waves except Choice Awards, those are the names of the Flavas crew. Choice Awards has the regular Flavas crew EXCEPT Kiyoni Brown. Instead, there is a new character, Tawny.

I think that Tawny is Kiyoni Brown with a lighter complexion. I offer the following photos as my visual evidence. The first photo shows Denim and Diamonds Kiyoni Brown on the left and Choice Awards Tawny on the right. The second photo shows from left to right: Choice Awards Tawny, Street Kiyoni Brown (on replacement body - AA Birthstone Barbie, Cancer), and Denim and Diamonds Kiyoni Brown. See the resemblance?

Later this week, I'll submit photos of the deboxing of Tawny. Her wig merits a raspberry, but her loafers and sunglasses are adorable.


Vanessa said...

Over the past 4 weeks there has been an increased posting of the Flavas dolls. I wonder if there is something to that? I didn't follow the Flavas when they were briefly out, so it is good to get caught up on the collection.

Frannie said...

Thanks D7ana for posting this information on the Flavas. I
don't have any of the Award Dolls. Will have to put these on my list.

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: I have no Flavas but saw them in stores. Are shorter than the Barbies but the clothes on their in modern and different. Thanks leave the direction of Scales & models. I saw their work and it's great. Get ideas. We remain in contact blog blog

smidge girl said...

I always enjoy your Flavas posts. I don't know much about them, I bought 2 off ebay when I first started gathering dolls-- a Tika & a Kiyoni Brown. I love Kiyoni's hair. I've never seen Tawny though-- she's pretty! Think I might stroll over to ebay... you know... just for fun... totally unrelated...

D7ana said...

Hi Marta and SmidgeGirl!

@Marta - Happy D, Kiyoni Brown, and Tawny are the shortest Mixis. They are 10.5" . Tika was a little taller than those 3 dolls - possibly 11". (My Tika has had a My Scene Madison jointed body; I have to search to find her original body.) P Bo was the tallest of the Flavas girls; she was 11.5. The Flavas boys, Liam and Tre, are 12". So four of the Flavas are smaller than Babies; the other three are either traditional 11.5" Barbie dolls.

@SmidgeGirl - lol at "stroll over to eBay" Good luck finding a Tawny. I'm glad you enjoy the Flavas' posts. I enjoy writing and posing them. Mattel's lil thugs ;-D

D7ana said...

Hi Vanessa and Frannie! I've had my Flavas dolls for years, but perhaps a stash of these dolls was recently recovered? Or maybe the kids who had the Flavas has tossed their dolls out? Glad that you enjoy the Flavas articles (I have posts about other Flavas as well.)