Monday, November 21, 2011

In the Luxury Market: H. R. Giger Bar in Sixth Scale

Okay, I can barely get the dolls I want at this time. So this link might make you think that D7ana has flown completely over the cuckoo's nest. I haven't. I encountered something interesting on LinkedIn that I wanted to share. You might even find the photos inspiring ;-D

Where can we find a beautiful, stunning recreation of the H.R. Giger Bar in playscale? On the Scales and Models website, look under the Portfolio section in the far left column and click on the third link that reads, "H.R. Giger Bar".

I think I hear the sighs and ohs.


Anonymous said...

Nice post.. I'm the 'maker' of that bar.. And so I feel that you should know that I appreciate your kind words.

D7ana said...

You are welcome to those words, Ruben. When I hear "stupendous" and similar "inflated" words, I roll my eyes. Puh-leaze. But your H.R. Giger bar IS stupendous and stunning and ... awesome. The light and the colors gold-yellow and gray - balm for the eyes.

Thanks for sharing that link. Oh and thanks for visiting my blog to share your appreciation.

I wish you the best, but with your incredible skills, you are sure to succeed in your modeling career.

Anonymous said...

Thank you D7ana
Here's my blog too if you're interested!
No Giger bar there, nor much about dolls either.. haha! But I hope you enjoy it anyways.. :)


Best wishes and blessings to you

Vanessa said...

That is amazing! Whoa!

D7ana said...

Hi R! Thanks for the link. I'll add it to my Google Reader so that I can see your future projects. I don't expect to see a Giger Bar everyday ;-) But I enjoy seeing your work. And I might even be inspired to create playscale settings from your work and your talk about methods and/or materials.

Hi Vanessa! Whoa is right. That's an apt response ;-D