Friday, November 26, 2010

Valu-Plus Store Closing in Philadelphia, New Jersey

Valu-Plus, a local discount store, is closing and selling items from 20%-60% off. The Defa Lucy fashion dolls are presently at 20% off. The prices range from $4.99 to $11.99. So far, I have only checked at the 69th Street store (Upper Darby) and at the Frankford Avenue store (across from the Frankford Terminal Station). These photos are from the 69th Street store:

The store is also selling ALL inventory including the fixtures, furniture, etc. Additional reading may be found temporarily at this Craiglist ad.

P.S. I just saw and photographed a new Defa Lucy male doll that I will post in the next day or so. He's a match to the red-haired male Defa Lucy figure shown in an earlier post only with black hair. My online pal Omar aka Actionman81 informed me that the Defa Lucy head sculpt might be that of  Hasbro's S Club Jon. So if you  missed getting Hasbro Jon doll, you can get that head on an articulated body. (Local collectors and those near a closing Valu-Plus store.)

Good luck getting bargains on dolls and other items!