Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Military Camouflage Wear Among Civilians

I noticed a military camouflage backpack among my accessories and that sighting inspired this photo. we have two Kellys*, a Tommy, and a Jacob each wearing civilian fashions influenced by military camouflage. The ladies wear Mixis tanks and Barbie camouflage pants. Tommy wears his original outfit. Jacob has borrowed his long shorts from Oliver from Hannah Montana.

Does anyone like the look? I consider it a "youth" look. I would feel awkward wearing it myself although I have and would wear military-themed jackets, blouses, and dresses. Camouflage feels more informal to me.

* Our Kellys are Aoshima's Lady's Mission Kelly Jackson (left) and Mattel's Teen Kelly, a Starr friend (right). And no, the room was NOT especially cold. LM Kelly is just "built" that way ;-D