Thursday, March 22, 2012

Query: Seeking the American Teen[s] Online

Four years ago, while scrounging for information about Mattel's Rebelde series, I found the Mixis dolls. The year after that, I "found" the Bollywood dolls. Then last year, the British boy groups and Star Dolls. This year, the "found" series is the American Teen Collectors' Series. Only I am having a little more difficulty finding out about them.


It may or may not have been a dark and stormy night, but the product description on Amazon and in the public relations release both state:

"The first American Teen was sketched by Dieter Meuller in a Hong Kong hotel room late in the evening of November 22, 2000."

A September 25, 2004 press release announces that artist Dieter Meuller's fascination led to the creation of a series of 10 inch dolls based on his sketches.

Zoom forward to March 2012 and note that seems to be the go-to place to find this "American Teen" series. The dolls are described as being 10" tall. They look chubby - an interesting size, hmmm? And they look gothic, bohemian, ethnic (at least 3 seem to have "real" cornrows), and one guy has a red mohawk. I am still investigating - give me a new series and I have to find out about it.

Has anyone ever seen these figures? Read about them?

Color me curious, wink.