Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Series: Mixis Biracial/Multiracial Dolls

Late last night, while tormenting myself with the low cost of the Rebelde sets on Amazon.com and seeking online photos of the actual dolls, I discovered a new series of dolls. The doll series is called Mixis, and they are created by YNU Group, Incorporated.

(Aside, it is the nature of doll and action figure collectors to seek new figures to obsess over. Keeps the thrill of the hunt alive. Always something on the horizon.)

(Aside 2, actually, I was checking for Rebelde photos when I came across a blurb about Kmart seeking ethnic dolls. So I HAD to investigate -- collector = curious -- and zap! I saw these gorgeous new-to-me dolls. I HAVE to have them, of course. But I was not actively seeking them. They came to my notice.)

Here are the website links for the company and for the website showing the dolls. The dolls are available at Dolls Like Me.

They remind me of the Get Set Club dolls produced locally around 1999. Sigh. Those dolls weren't out long; they didn't take. I liked and like them. They aren't as pretty as Barbies, but they have definite noses and intelligent faces. Not that all Barbies look like bimbos. (Better watch myself; might get in trouble with Mattel. And I tithe to them so often, that would be a shame. Note the Rebelde obsession.)

Someone has to go through her collection and start purging.

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