Wednesday, September 10, 2008

At Last ... R&D Gothic Momoko!

Some collectors on the Yahoo Group GoGoMomoko shared links showing photos of our favorite jointed doll, Momoko (by PetWorks and by Sekiguchi). One of the dolls photographed was the R&D Gothic Girl Momoko. What can I say? The photo launched a quick search, purchase, and capture of this beautiful doll.

I had seen this Momoko before -- I have been on-and-off collecting Momokos since I learned about them through another Yahoo Group -- Biscuit's Club -- around 2002, but I didn't care for the froo froo Gothic outfit. And she was more expensive than the regular Momoko line so I "passed" on her.

Zip forward four years. I see her photo. She didn't literally sing, "Take, take me home," but the geas descended and behold. Another Momoko in the house. The R&D Gothic Momoko, too. At last ....

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