Monday, December 29, 2014

Quantum Mechanix Presents 1:6th Scale Captain Mal Reynolds

Any Firefly / Serenity / Castle fans reading? Next year, Quantum Mechanix is producing a sixth scale Captain Malcolm Reynolds action figure. Yes, sculptor Trevor Grove has produced a  prototype  that resembles actor Nathan Fillion. A foot tall prototype with 38 points of articulation. Molded hair, unfortunately. Wearing Mal's iconic long brown coat, brown shirt, and tan "tight" pants. (Alas, not with a Hot Toys butt, but the face looks accurate.) Even more exciting, the Malcolm Reynolds figure is the FIRST in a line of Firefly figures. For only $179.95 - before postage.

Am I pre-ordering him? Um ... no. If I were working, would I? YES! 

I enjoyed Firefly, and I like what I have read about Nathan Fillion. Not stalker-like, but I'm-glad-this-person-exists-in-my-timeline like. Usually, I buy a doll or figure because I like something about that figure; this time, part of the purchase joy will be for this actor in this role.

Where can you find this figure? Vantage Collectibles and Entertainment Earth are two places I've seen the figure listed. Entertainment Earth expects to have him March 2015 - and they are offering FREE shipping.

DVD cover to Joss Whedon's Firefly showing Nathan Fillion as Captain Mal Reynolds
Joss Whedon's Firefly disc 1 showing Nathan Fillion as Captain Mal Reynolds

Then again, I should wait to see the actual figure - should I become able to afford him. Anyone else considering him?