Sunday, December 6, 2009

Five Hot Toys Gentleman Plus a Majestic Studios Guest

I realized that I did not have any photos of my Hot Toys guys together. There are only five of them, but I thought, it would be pleasing to see them in one photograph. Usually, I have them with other figures. Today, I brought them together for a "family" shot and then added a figure from Majestic Studios. Can you guess the outsider?

The outsider stands out easily for me, but then I know his origins. But even if I didn't know his action figure pedigree, I could guess by his facial screening. Different companies have different face rendering. As I collect, I have learned the style of different companies so if I see a doll or action figure on a shelf, I can usually guess the manufacturer. I wouldn't confuse a Fashion Royalty doll with a Mattel doll or a YNU Group Mixis with a Get Set Club doll or a Susie with a Momoko.

Action figures, though, can be trickier. Bbi and Dragon figures are trickiest for me to distinguish. Hasbro Joes and Power Team guys though are easier.

Okay, I confess: I just wanted to photograph some HOT Hot Toys LOL.

Reminder: Mixis Sunshine Dolls $29.99; Outfits $15.00

Great news for Mixis fans who want to complete their Sunshine Doll set OR their Inspired Clothing collection: the sale at the Mixis web site AND at Dolls Like Me* continues.

The Sunshine Dolls - Emerald, Houda, Opal, and Rosa - cost $29.99 each while the Inspired Clothing outfits costs $15 each. The sale lasts til the year's end or the supply runs out. Note: the Dolls Like Me website shows Rosa and Houda and the eight outfits; Emerald and Opal are not up on that website. So to receive those two dolls at the sale price, you will need to place your order through the Mixis web site directly.

If you order through the Mixis website, please remember when you reach the Mixis store splash page, that you need to click on the Promo Login choice and then to enter the promo code 'mixisrock' to reach the sales page. Otherwise, you will see the Mixis items at the regular price of $49.00 for the Sunshine dolls and the outfits from $17-25 each.

For me, the Mixis are the dolls I would have asked for when I was a child, were I able to imagine them at that time. The Mixis just lack the twist waist that was introduced in my childhood dolls. The Mixis dolls have attractive, ethnic faces with NOSES that have bridges, fuller lips, and normal-sized feet. Feet they can STAND on, depending on the shoes. They have a more natural, wholesome build - so they promote a more realistic weight than most Barbies and most Barbie clones. Even overlooking their decent quality clothes and their fine, fine, fine footwear and handbags and backpacks, these dolls would bring instant class and coolness to any doll and action figure collection.

For photos of the Mixis undressed and compared to other larger dolls, check this link and this link from previous posts.

So happy hunting! May you get the Mixis or Mixis plural of your choice.

*Note: I bought my first Mixis dolls from Dolls Like Me at an Expo; I had no problem. However, there have been complaints about customer service and problems receiving items from this vendor so you might want to make your purchase in person, if possible. A collector has shared her negative experience in the comments section here, and I have read about problems with employee theft at Dolls Like Me on a Yahoo Group.