Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Decisions: Shall They Stay or Should They Go?

There are dolls that I look at and instantly note: that one is NOT going anywhere.

Then there are dolls that make me wonder why I got them in the first place. Sale? Temporary insanity? Safe passage out of a dangerous story?

More though are the puzzlers - dolls and action figures that I am not sure I want to keep. Should they stay or should they go? Here are some dolls that fall under that category and here's the reasoning I used to reach a decision.

I thought that these 3 Summer-face mold dolls would be easy. Check them here:

Okay, the first from the left is a Fashion Fever Raquelle doll. Surely I would let her go. She's on the dreaded Hobbit body for starters. The middle doll, Courtney, I like her eye screening. Keeper. Even if her head is a little big. But she's on a standard Barbie body. Finally, the Fashion Fever pajama doll ... lovely. Keeper.

Then, I shifted the dolls around. The Fashion Fever pajama doll was first in the new lineup. Next to her was the newer Fashion Fever Raquelle and to the far right, Courtney. Uh oh. I could see a relationship between the two Fashion Fever dolls ... mother in lilac nightie and teen daughter in black denim mini skirt.

I decided to keep all three.