Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy Canada Day!

A PhillyCollector (D7ana) and the citizens of East Philadelphia (the dolls and action figures) wish our Canadian neighbors a Happy Canada Day. While we will not be having poutine or any other Canadian delicacies, we do want to acknowledge this day because Canada brings us the Mixis dolls by YNU Group Incorporated and brought us the ever popular Liv dolls by Spin Master.

Other events in July include

July 4 - Independence Day (I'm including a link to guide for 1:1 scale events for those planning to be here)

July 6 - my birthday

July 19 - Mattel Barbie's Hispanic friend Teresa's birthday

D7ana: Rock Ringmaster Lukas M wants to share photos. I'll leave the uploading to him because I am so tired. Night all.

Lukas M.: How many of you are tired of girl pictures? Here are some photos of me instead. Happy Canada Day!

Feet of a Rock Ringmaster        

Put your hands together now.


Lukas Rising

Too hot