Sunday, July 29, 2012

Two out of Ten Rating ... Thanks, Mike!

Dear Fellow Bloggers,

You know you have "arrived" in the dollyblogverse when someone gives you a negative review. An unsubstantiated one, too. Let's see, The Doll Observers hosts a site called "Fashion Doll Top 100 Websites." It's a listing of popular fashion doll websites. I check it at times to see if I am there and where. I think it's fun. (Okay, I have "ego," too. LOL).

Well, someone going by "Mike" left a feedback score of 2.0 out of 10.0 for me. Now, no, I doubt that "Mike" meant that I was the second best blogger. Quite the reverse. Four others - thanks, you *know* who you are and I appreciate your positive vote and comments - gave me 10.0 out of 10.0. Yay! So, four out of five people who voted about my blog like my blog. Pretty good, hey? And I am FOURTH on the list of the top 100 fashion doll websites.*

But that's not why I am throwing my arms up a la Rocky. No. It's this: I must be doing a pretty good job blogging for some person to leave a spiteful rating like that. Spiteful, you ask. Surely a person can find your blog less than perfect? Yes, but to post something like that, that is mean spirited. Someone interested in helping fashion doll website readers would have attached a comment explaining the low rating.

But guess what? "Mike" actually validated my blog. How? I must be doing something powerful to cause such a reaction. I have seen stuff that raised my eyebrows or caused me to quickly click away. I don't scrounge around and leave negative feedback. And I have GREAT and positive feedback from my blogging buddies and regular readers. So guess what else? I intend to keep on writing!

Thanks for reading my mini-rant.

*P.S. That ranking is just for today, lol. I don't know where I will rank tomorrow.