Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2008 Dolls by Month - March

March 2008 brought in three action figures and two Barbies. I bought three figures in the Battlestar Galactica, Original Series line - Commander Adama, Captain Apollo, and Lieutenant Starbuck from an online dealer. Glitter Games Teresa, I found in a Kmart store. Jazz Baby Cabaret Dancer Barbie, I bought from Angelic Dreamz.

Of the three action figures, I like Commander Adama best. Apollo and Starbuck - I don't care for their faces and I haven't "warmed to" so I'm going to keep their nifty suede jackets and their tan pants and see if I can sell the guys nude. I'm having difficulty removing their boots so I need to contact someone at one of the action figure boards - probably Men With Dolls - about HOW to remove the boots, if I will need to cut/destroy the boots to remove them.

Glitter Games Teresa has a pretty, innocent look. I don't usually like dolls using this new head mold, but this issue looks very attractive.

Jazz Baby Cabaret Dancer Barbie has the pivotal, posable body. I like her smoky, sultry face and her lean, toned build. Interestingly, she makes Teresa look almost plump. I like variety in the sizes and shapes of my figures - except for oversized heads or disproportionate limbs - so I don't mind. She'll be able to share clothes with the Barbie Fashion Model series.

Photo time ...