Saturday, August 28, 2010

OMG - She Does Exist: First Edition Houda in Denim Outfit

When I listed the Mixis dolls, I mentioned that only three of the original four dolls appeared in the First Edition (previously described as the Limited Edition here and elsewhere). Well, guess who now appears in the First aka Limited Edition and wearing a cute denim outfit? Houda!


You can see the First Edition Houda on the Mixis website for $59.99 Canadian dollars OR for a reduced price at the Super Shopping Channel for $36.66 Canadian dollars. (Aside: I have submitted a query asking if this online vendor sells to customers outside of Canada like the U.S.A. or overseas; I have not heard back from them yet. Well, it is Saturday ;-D) This website might be a treat for those who want every doll in the series, here's your chance to add a second Houda to your collection. Please note though that if the First Edition Houda is like the other First Edition dolls, her elbows are straight.

The Super Shopping Channel also has some other Mixis dolls AND the outfits in sets of two for sale. Ah, new Mixis news.