Thursday, May 17, 2012 Anyone? Instead or In Addition to Etsy?

In the comments of the eBay/Etsy post, a reader asked about comparing eBay - Etsy to Has anyone here experienced I have not, but I leave this post open to those who may have. Please share your experience with that service here.

Thanks in advance for any information.

Thanks for the Warning, Paul Nomad: La Dee Da Dolls in the Vinyl

Thank you, Professional Toy Fiend Paul Nomad! Folks, we got photos of the real La Dee Da Dolls.

OMG! How could they happen?

Spin Master created one of the best articulated fashion dolls ever. Deep breathing then pause. Now they bring forth this ... GARUMPH. That was a pseudo-sound. The pseudo-sound of me swallowing a mountain of vicious criticism and acidic fury. Okay, Spin Master gave us the Liv bodies for a few years now. Do they deserve to be scourged for producing a new series that does not suit my taste? Covers mouth with a trembling right hand while the left hand fumbles for the name-brand aspirin. Is now the time to turn on the company polite enough to respond on the same day I sent them a query? No. Pause to reflect. (Don't really need the aspirin. Don't really need to force back heated words.) No.

Less subjective assessment called for. Okay the new - grimace - "La Dee Da" series reminds me of the old Strawberry Shortcake series. Pause to allow shudder-of-revulsion. Very bright colors. Huge heads. Tiny bodies. Yes, tiny bodies. So we are not likely to re-use them to re-body Barbies and other fashion dolls.

Wonder ... could that be it? Could word have leaked back to Spin Master that there was a small army of people using their doll bodies for Barbie heads? Could this new series be an act of revenge? Useless speculation. The new dolls must have passed some marketing test. Somewhere there are children who found those gooey, corn syrup drenched creatures exciting. And that is really scary.

Oh and stop by Paul Nomad's blog. Good reads there.