Friday, October 3, 2014

October Highlights: Heritage, History, Halloween, and Sales!

Target Exclusive Happy Halloween Barbie 2014
Rocking her pink, black, and spider theme costume, Target Exclusive Happy Halloween Barbie 2014

Hey, hey, it's October! Aside from the orange, black, and bloody Halloween scenes, what can you expect on PhillyCollector this month? Heritage! History ... of select dolls and action figures. Sales. Sales? Oh, yes.

Heritage, first though. Which ethnicities have the spotlight?

Black* (Character Options among others.)

Filipino American (Mostly Mattel.)

German American (I'm a little late here. Mattel, yes.)

Italian American (Mattel, yes, but other manufacturers represent this heritage.)

Polish American (Mostly Mattel.)

Whoa, you might be thinking: Black History/Heritage is highlighted in February. Why is she writing about it in October? Well ... aside from every month "belonging" to everyone, regardless of national acknowledgment, I've just learned that October is also Black Heritage Month ... in the United Kingdom*. Ha!

History ... well, it's LGBT History Month. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender representation in playscale by timeline.

Sales. Those dolls and action figures that want/need to move on? They'll be going out this month.

Last, but certainly not least - October 29th is National Cat Day. So I'll bring out some playscale felines.