Saturday, December 28, 2013

Winter is Coming ... 2014 Update

Hey, Game of Thrones fans - yoo hoo! Gather near. Guess what famous franchise is going sixth scale? Yeah, baby - Game of Thrones! But didn't I say that Dark Horse was NOT producing sixth scale figures? Yes, I did and no, they aren't. So whoa - who is?

ThreeZero. Who? A toy company called Threezero has the license to produce sixth scale Game of Thrones figures. Eeekkk! Excited? One of the first figures likely to be available next year is Tyrion Lannister. I first learned this news from The Rebel Page and found additional confirmation at ActionFigureFury.

You can like ThreeZero on Facebook.

So it seems we will have Game of Thrones playscale figures. Only problem ... the cost. Something tells me that these figures will not be cheap. Unless Mattel or a similar company also gets permission to create them ... now that would be fun.