Thursday, January 23, 2014

Marx Sindy Wall Oven as Shown by Lanard I-Girl Paris

Nice to see vintage or different playscale furnishings, but isn't it nicer when a model is involved? I think so. So when neither Pedigree (aka Marx in U.S.A.) Sindy nor Vivid Imaginations Sindy or Vivid Imaginations Mel were available, I brought in Lanard I-Girl Paris. She has a similar build, and she's articulated.

I-Girl Paris and Marx Wall Oven

"At the bottom, we have a cabinet."

"Above the heating area, we have more cabinet space."

"The wall oven has two areas. The lower one is the main oven with 2 adjustable racks."

"The top area is the broiler. It only has 1 rack that you can leave in or remove for more space."

"Broiler opens top down; oven opens right to left."

"Fudge. You should see both cabinets open. There."

"Kurt, help me show the height. Over 12 inches."

"The back and sides are white plastic and closed. The yellowy marks are from age."

"This cookware - "glass" pan, silvery baking dish, and grill pan - also came with the wall oven."

Thanks, Paris, for your help. Does anyone have any questions about this Sindy appliance?

Paris is a Lanard fashion doll. She is one of the I-Girls (Asia, Aspen, Rio, Sahara, and Sydney) that I bought them from a doll/toy boutique, Small Blue Planet, many years ago. There doesn't seem to have been a large distribution of the I-Girls, but I found a new article on this line today. My research senses are tingling. I'll post more about Paris and the other I-Girls in the future.

OT: Integrity Toys' Groovy Tots Real Photo

Pardon this interruption into our usual playscale theme, but I wanted to share this link for any and all interested. Someone had asked if I knew anything about an Integrity Toys' playline of toddler dolls. At the time, I had not known anything about them. However, today, I found photos of them. The author mentions that the dolls are 12 inches. So they are NOT playscale.

If you know someone interested in these figures, please share that link with them. Thanks.