Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Information About the Former Princess of Japan (Mattel)

These photos are for Kim and Ms. Leo as response to their queries about the former Princess of Japan Barbie. In the first photo, POJ Barbie sits between Volks' Kana and Mattel's Lea. POJ Barbie's hair color is darker than the warm dark brown of Kana's hair, but it is lighter than the jet black of Lea's hair.

In the second photo, POJ Barbie hugs her former body - an event only possible in East Philly and similar doll/action figure zones, lol. POJ Barbie is only the tiniest bit taller than she was on the Skipper Barbie body. So anyone interested in re-bodying their Skipper and other young teen dolls, the Liv bodies make excellent and in-scale new bodies.

P.S. Lea's feet are not large enough to wear the Lollipop dolls boots, but her small feet can pull them on for this photo.

Lollipop Girl Fashions on Other Dolls and Action Figures

Dragon Linh, MGA Entertainment America's Next Top Model Sidney, Mattel Alvin Ailey American Dance Barbie, and Volks Who's That Girl Kana wearing Jan McLean's Lollipop Girls' fashions. Front view above and rear view below.

Just a few years ago, I sometimes bought stuff that was on sale just because I thought I might someday find a use for it. Example? These Jan McLean's Lollipop Girls fashions. I doubted that I would ever buy any of the Lollipop dolls because of their big heads, inset eyes, and elongated bodies. But that didn't mean that the cool fashions and kicky boots and dramatic hats could not benefit some of my other dolls and action figures. And that hunch paid off.

The pants will fit Barbie Model Muse bodies best. The other dolls shown can wear the pants, but the legs are overlong so you would need to either cut the excess fabric and sew a new hem or fold the pants' legs up.

(Aside, Hasbro's Banee of the Starlight Girls - JEM - only appeared to fit the Lollipop outfit she borrowed yesterday. The top was a stretch, but the back of the jeans did not meet.)

The tops barely fit though. The hats can be a little too large.