Thursday, July 31, 2014

R&D Dolls Milan Chic Susie on YouTube

Yes, it is that time again. R&D Dolls Milan Chic Susie shares her sharp charcoal gray pinstriped coat, black knit mini, and fine accessories. I think this Susie resembles a young  Alyson Hannigan. I've added music to this video so if you are on a work computer - yes, I know, you would never look at dolls during office hours - you might want to mute your computer.


New Mixis Review on YouTube

There is a Mixis doll review of Houda and Opal on YouTube by Ashley Bramblet. So if you are feeling Mixis fever or if you would like to hear a review from a young collector, stop by and watch the video. Hope you enjoy the video.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mixis Fans Alert ... There's a New Mixis Campaign!

First Edition Mixis dolls Rosa (left) and Emerald (right) paused to pose for this summer 2014 photo. They are excited about the new Mixis crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo

Surely you know that YNU Group Incorporated has started a crowd funding campaign to expand the Mixis brand via an animated series about the Mixis characters along with a web comic and an interactive web site? The target audience is children from age 6-11. And you, yes, YOU can contribute to the development of this doll series. The campaign started on July 9, 2014 and will end on August 25, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. PST. The goal? $56,000 ... and there are 26 days left.

Before you haul your wallet out, you may want to check the Perks offered. Perks, you ask. Perks, I answer. Here are a few:

$10.00 donation will get a Virtual Shoutout on Facebook and Twitter

$25.00 donation will get a Mixis T-shirt

$50.00 donation will get your choice of one of the First Edition Mixis dolls AND 6 E-patterns for Mixis fashions

There are more Perks - do check the website to see them all. The best Perk for me would be for additional dolls to reach the market. I suppose that would follow a successful response to the animated series and online sites. Crowd funding campaigns can get different doll brands out. The success of the Lammily doll proves that crowd funding can get a new brand attention and financial support previously not easily obtainable.

Any thoughts about the Mixis campaign or about crowd funding in general? Do you think that you will support the Mixis campaign?

Monday, July 28, 2014

Hot Toys Presents Marty McFly from Back to the Future!

Is Back to the Future a favorite movie of yours? Next year will be the 30th anniversary of the movie. And big stuff in playscale are in the works.

Joining the ranks of other Movie Masterpiece Series figure by Hot Toys Limited is Marty McFly from Back to the Future coming to us sometime in 2015, possibly next Spring. You can read Paul Nomad of Idle Hands post about this figure. Michael J. Fox fans, check out this figure. The promotional photos look accurate. They even have this action figure a little shorter than the standard 12". I think the figure looks accurate, but then again, you might want to hold off until the actual produced figures appear. Still, you have been warned so start saving if this is a must have figure for you.

Additional information about playscale Marty McFly can be found at the pre-30th Anniversary movie website or at the Hot Toys Facebook page. (Thanks, Stephanie T from Facebook for the link to this figure AND and thanks to Omar from Facebook for the photo of the car from the movie.)

Oh, yes, it seems that the car will be produced as well. The DeLorean. The Hot Toys version of that car is one incredible vehicle. From the photos, I mean. I have not seen it in person. Sniff. Sigh. But I like how the doors open up on vertically. None of my doll cars do that. That's a cool car. No, I am not likely to get it. It will probably cost a few hundred dollars - and be worth it, if you could afford it. And it lights up. Yeah ... wow.

So if anyone gets the DeLorean, please, please do share photos. Or videos. I can admire it from afar. Sigh.

Friday, July 18, 2014

LGBT Dolls and Action Figures: a Partial List and Links

I do not collect gay dolls as a theme. Some of the male figures are enhanced to such an extent that I either blush or laugh to see them. They make me think of the phrase "the tail wagging the dog." So why submit a post about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered dolls? To see what I could find out. Flex my research skills. And to recognize that diversity means difference beyond race or ethnicity.

So I include this list of dolls either based on LGBT people or created to represent LGBT people -- with two exceptions*. Those two people expressed public support for the LGBT community. If you are aware of other playscale figures whom I have missed, do send the manufacturer and the doll/action figure name in the comments.

Bandi / Irwin Corporation (2 companies)

Sailor Neptune
Sailor Uranus


[Jackie Chan listed here because he is sympathetic to the LGBT community. Hence the brackets. I thank two readers for asking about Jackie Chan; I apologize for my earlier error in listing him here. He is married to a woman, and he has not come out as gay.]*

Gizmo Development

Gay Bob 


New Kids on the Block Jonathan Knight      


Amanda Lepore, described by Wikipedia as an American "transgender public figure"
RuPaul, described by Wikipedia as an American drag queen


Boy George - additional information about this doll is available only the listed photos are mostly gone.


[Cyndi Lauper listed here because she is sympathetic to the LGBT community. Hence the brackets.]*
Harley Quinn, Marvel character
Joan Jett 
Kristy MacNichol
Lindsay Lohan
Poison Ivy, Marvel character
Raven-Symone of That's So Raven
Rock Hudson
Rosie O'Donnell


Cheetah Girl Galleria Garibaldi (Raven-Symone)


Sulu from Star Trek, original series (played by George Takei)


Willow Rosenberg from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (character only, NOT actress playing role)

Totem International

Carlos, Billy's Puerto Rican boyfriend
Tyson, Billy and Carlos' African American friend


Elton John- more information about the playscale version of the singer

Additional reading and viewing

Jay Bell Books Top Ten Gay Action Figures   
Fashion Doll Empire re-dresses the Rebel figure by Tom of Finland
Amazon review of the Rebel figure by Tom of Finland
Pinterest boards: Decades of Ken, Gay Dolls Life
Love Has Fangs, web comic

Is He [Gay] or Isn't He?

Face of Integrity Toys' Jordan doll
Integrity Toys Jordan lips pursed

How do you determine that a doll is gay? Or bisexual or lesbian or straight?

Shrug. The manufacturer's back story? Sometimes. If the doll is based on a real person, do you match that person's sexuality? Maybe. Do you decide based on a story idea you have for the character? It depends.

I have never seen any of my dolls form romantic connections. (Neither the straight nor the gay ones.) So you cannot tell from their behavior. When I was young, a cousin -- who shall remain unnamed to protect the guilty -- would bang a boy and a girl doll together and make kissy sounds. Me, I worried that I would pair the wrong dolls up. Anybody remember Attack of the Puppet People? In spite of the movie title, the creepy character was actually the doll maker who shrank people down so that he could keep them as his toys. Shudder. Suppose my dolls had minds independent of the characters I imposed on them? I never believed in Santa - ho, ho, no - Santa was Mommy and Daddy. But I did wonder if my dolls could have had secret lives. Hmmm.

Jump forward many years later. Chez adult Dana. My dolls and action figures still are not having sex -- as far as I know. I pair them up in my mind, but I seldom set up doll stories let alone relationship scenes. Even when I had story ideas, I have not acted any out with the dolls themselves. So imagine my surprise when a visitor pointed at my Integrity Toys Jordan and informed me: "That doll is gay."

"Really?" I asked her. Jordan was dressed in his original turquoise pullover and dark jeans. He was standing among other dolls and action figures. He did not seem to be doing anything out of the ordinary. I shook my head. She thought I was disagreeing.

Oh, yes. She was sure of that.

"How do you get that?" I was curious.

"Look at him: his lips are pursed."

I tilted my head. Yes, Jordan's lips were pursued. That settled the matter for her.

Now I was not going to argue the sexuality of a doll with a guest. Especially not with a guest who did not even "play with" dolls. Life is too short. I am too lazy. Jordan's official Integrity Toys' story links him with Janay. At least, they were paired together in wedding sets before Tariq and Keith came onto the Integrity Toys' doll scene. Jordan and Janay. Of course, that is the official story. For all I know, my Jordan might be involved with Tariq. Or Alejandro ... no, strike that. I don't care for that glint in Alysa's eyes.

Sometimes the responses of non-collectors surprise me. Just when I have them pegged as unimaginative, they come out with a statement like that. I mean, it takes some imagination to assign sexual orientation to a 12" plastic doll. Then again, why couldn't he be gay? Perhaps the lack is on my part.

But he is my Jordan. So I decide what his story is, right? I look at Jordan - hey, did he wink? 

Or maybe I don't.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mattel Raquelle Found in Philly

If you seek the Barbie Style Raquelle, she is being sold in Philadelphia. I saw her in the South Philly Target. I almost bought her. Almost. Then I remembered how I am NOT buying stuff until I have reduced my current collection. So even though she was only $19.99, I left her there.

Her outfit is the cutest from this collection. The jeans seem a bit looser than I thought they would be. (Good, she can actually shimmy into them.) I love the colors - faded black, vivid black, pepper red, and natural leopard print. They look like pieces a real person might wear together. Comfy, off the shoulder pullover, contrasting vest, skinny jeans, ankle boots, and an animal print scarf.

Mattel Barbie Style Raquelle in box
Mattel Barbie Style Raquelle

In this store, there were six blond Barbies and two Teresas to the one Raquelle doll. I don't know if there were more Raquelles available before I got there, but I think that she might have a smaller run. Why? 'cause she is wearing something kicky but natural colored. A quick "cheat" to help you find her among the others - if you encounter a batch of them - look for the yellow-black leopard print on the sides of the box front, especially, the left side.

Mattel Barbie Style Raquelle box back
Box back to Barbie Style Raquelle

Here is the back of the box where you can see the other dolls in this series. Also, they are shown on the side of the box.

Box side showing 4 Mattel Barbie Style 2014 fashion dolls
Two Barbies, one Raquelle, and one Teresa. No Nikki here. Sigh.

Another reason I probably did not buy this doll is that I am still waiting to find the snarky-faced Raquelle. I understand that she is not to every one's taste, but I like that her mouth has that wry twist. The expression on this doll's face is too pretty-pretty to borrow a phrase from Tyra Banks of America's Next Top Model and other fame. Come to think of it, the one I want is on sale at a few places. I ought to get her soon ... as soon as I sell some things ....

Oh my, back to that. Sigh.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Mattel Fashion Fever Furniture

The Fashion Fever Barbie and friends dolls lit my fashion doll collecting from 2004-2006. I am referring to the pre-Hobbit dolls. The dolls used many face sculpts and colorful fashions. Different hair colors and a variety of complexions. I would have liked more variety racially, but nothing can be perfect. 

I think of the dolls, but there were also furniture pieces available for the Fashion Fever dolls. Here are some of the bedroom pieces. I have not assigned them to any one doll or action figure yet. They are still boxed ... except the vanity that I opened to see the crystal lamp.

The Fashion Fever Sweet Dreams bed. Not sure I would want a bed top to curl over my head, but it is distinctive. How many beds look like this one? Also, I don't think a laptop computer is an accessory that is conducive to sleep, but the fashion magazines and tissues are handy.

The Fashion Fever Crystal Chair looks delicate and pretty. Not the coziest chair in the room, but a nice place to hold a brief telephone conversation or to jot a few notes down.

Only Barbie could pull off a pink and leopard print cat house. That's right: a cat house. And not the Texas kind ;-)  I like this unusual cat perch with the scratching post and a toy mouse for Barbie's cat to "play with." Being sociable, I don't suppose Barbie would consider having her cat house in the living room or the dining room. A litter box would have been a nice addition to this set. 

The Fashion Fever Vanity is cute. I am not so much a vanity lover, but that crystal lamp is so exquisitely beautiful, I had to have it.

This side illustration shows all the furniture pieces available for the bedroom. There are other furniture pieces that were available back in 2005.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July Challenge 2014 and Takara-Bbi Gatchaman Jun CyGirl

Back in 2011, I took a daily blog post challenge for that July. That month, I submitted 22 posts. Let's see what happens this year. I have many posts that I need to complete from previous months - oh, yes, I have posts-in-waiting in my Drafts folder. I'll complete and publish them. So I have an edge there. But what about new topics? 

July 1st Canada Day - Hey, hello, and hooray to YNU Group, Inc. for making the lovely Mixis Dolls.

July 4th Independence Day - Naomi is tearing up because Pennsylvania will be listening to Whitney Houston's version of Star Spangled Banner. You can check what the other States will be listening to here.

July 6th My Birthday - yeah, I'm celebrating this year. Stop by and wish me a happy one. Time and sentiment permitting, of course ;-D

National Ice Cream Month and National Blueberry Month, too. Maybe I will work those themes in, too. Maybe ;-D

Oh and I am going to try for a photo with every post this month. See below, Takara - Blue Box Toys  G3 Battle of the Planets (Gatchaman) Jun.