Friday, July 4, 2014

Mattel Fashion Fever Furniture

The Fashion Fever Barbie and friends dolls lit my fashion doll collecting from 2004-2006. I am referring to the pre-Hobbit dolls. The dolls used many face sculpts and colorful fashions. Different hair colors and a variety of complexions. I would have liked more variety racially, but nothing can be perfect. 

I think of the dolls, but there were also furniture pieces available for the Fashion Fever dolls. Here are some of the bedroom pieces. I have not assigned them to any one doll or action figure yet. They are still boxed ... except the vanity that I opened to see the crystal lamp.

The Fashion Fever Sweet Dreams bed. Not sure I would want a bed top to curl over my head, but it is distinctive. How many beds look like this one? Also, I don't think a laptop computer is an accessory that is conducive to sleep, but the fashion magazines and tissues are handy.

The Fashion Fever Crystal Chair looks delicate and pretty. Not the coziest chair in the room, but a nice place to hold a brief telephone conversation or to jot a few notes down.

Only Barbie could pull off a pink and leopard print cat house. That's right: a cat house. And not the Texas kind ;-)  I like this unusual cat perch with the scratching post and a toy mouse for Barbie's cat to "play with." Being sociable, I don't suppose Barbie would consider having her cat house in the living room or the dining room. A litter box would have been a nice addition to this set. 

The Fashion Fever Vanity is cute. I am not so much a vanity lover, but that crystal lamp is so exquisitely beautiful, I had to have it.

This side illustration shows all the furniture pieces available for the bedroom. There are other furniture pieces that were available back in 2005.


RoxanneRoxanne said...

Nice furniture! I want it all, especially the vanity set. But I don't have room to store a lot of furniture, so I don't get much. I'll just admire it from way over here.

Cindi Mortensen said...

Love the crystal lamp and chair! Not a fan of the cat house though. LOL :-)

Ms. Leo said...

I'm glad you have the full set. I have the dresser for Kieu but I think she would like a vanity. That was the end of the Mattel good times... fashion fever.

D7ana said...

Hi RoxanneRoxanne, Cindi Mortensen, and Ms. Leo!

@Roxanne - oh, I hear you about the space issue, lol. Why I have some stuff still boxed ... sigh. The dolls come first though, right? I do have some furniture and a few settings.

When I sell some stuff, I'll have space to show more things. I'll be able to assign "homes" to more things.

@Cindi Mortensen - aw, gee, isn't the cat house ahem colorful enough, lol? My sister finds pink and leopard print combinations visually offensive.

Glad you like the lamp and the chair though ;-)

@Ms. Leo - oh, I wish I had the full set - well, maybe a few more pieces would be nice. Sigh.

I hope you can find the vanity for Kieu.

The Fashion Fever days were some good times for Mattel Barbie collectors. Good times, indeed ;-)

lindaivette montes de oca said...

Hola, que bonitos muebles, ya quisiera todos, o al menos la silla.
Me da gusto saludarte.

jSarie said...

That's a fantastic bedroom set - I love how modern most of it is. And the accessories all look really solid as well!

ChampagneBarbie said...

Omg I love all those fashion fever accessories! They were made so much better than some of the furniture now. I love that bed detail, it's been something I've tried to look for for a while at a good price!

D7ana said...

Hi/Hola to Lindaivette montes de oca, jSarie, and ChampagneBarbie!

@Lindaivette montes de oca - Me alegro de que te gusta ver los muebles. Estoy feliz de compartir las fotos con ustedes;-)

@jSarie - thanks. Yes, it is modern and seems solid - except for the chair. I love the delicacy of the chair, but my more solid dolls will need more substantial seating.

@Christine - yes, if you can find the Fashion Fever furniture, do get it. You probably would have a better chance at a good price by going through another collector. My best wishes, that you get the pieces you desire and at good prices.

Muff said...

I have found that cat house and a piece of the vanity at the thrift store. Although these pieces are a little out there design wise, the variety is nice.

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Those pieces are all great, yes, even the cat house. But I would really like the two wall room setting from this era. One of these days I probably will.

D7ana said...

Hi Muff and Barb the Evil Genius!

@Muff - yay! Congrats on finding that cat house and part of the vanity. The different styling of these pieces is nice. I've got a few of those My Scene Hotel daybeds somewhere and at least one four poster bed (not Mattel). This set reminds me a little of the 1960s Francie bed. Only it's slightly bigger and yes - better than that one ;-)

@Barb - the thing about the cat house that gets me is that it evokes a bird's house - or is it just me? I see the cat peeping out and think, "The cat's in the birdhouse." And then I laugh. (Not that I like to see cats having a go at birds or at mice - ew! - but there is something so odd about juxtaposing these two items.)

Wish you both luck in getting additional pieces ;-0

D7ana said...

Oh, a link to Francie's bed.

Georgia Girl said...

Nice pieces D7ana! I wish Mattel made furniture like this without every thing being hot pink or fuchsia. I found the bed at a thrift store. The bedding was attached. I was very pleased with that.

Brini said...

I had the bed at one time but I gave it away as a gift with one a doll. I figured she needed somewhere to sleep in her new house. I like the pieces I was just never crazy for them. I didn't even know about the lamp.

Muff said...

Came back to wish you a Happy Birthday!

D7ana said...

Hi Georgia Girl and Brini! Thanks for stopping by ;-)

@Georgia Girl - glad you were able to find the bed WITH the bedding. Talk about luck!

@Brini - I like that idea, each doll having her own bed. That was kind of you to give the bed to a doll and her new human.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I just read on the blog Brini is your birthday. I wish a happy birthday to you. You have many gifts. Congratulations. Fabulous furniture. Keep in touch

Anderson's All-Purpose said...

Since I missed the Fashion Fever era completely I love seeing these things. They look so '00s, particularly the packaging design! I actually like the cat house, except I feel it ought to be even higher, like some real ones are. Hmm, now I kind of want to build one...

Carrickters said...

I'm late reading posts so missed the chance to wish you Happy Birthday on your actual birthday so I'll wish you a belated one. Hope you had a happy day.
The furniture is lovely, more stylish than practical but then it is for plastic dolls.

D7ana said...

Hi Marta, Anderson's All-Purpose, and Carrickters.

First, thanks for the birthday wishes. I had a good time, but I ate too much and I became too sleepy to post ;-P

@Marta - I had some nice gifts and I might have an even nicer one coming. I cross my fingers briefly for luck - yes! I am glad that you liked seeing the furniture.

I will definitely stay in touch ;-)

@Anderson's All-Purpose - oh, yes do build a doll kitty a new house.
I would love to see what you create.

@Carrickters - you're correct; the furniture can be as fanciful as Mattel wished. It is for dolls ;-D

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Happy belated birthday, D7ana! Hope you had a blast!


D7ana said...

Hi and thanks for the wish, Black Doll Enthusiast! I had fun ;-)

Chasing Joy said...

These furniture pieces are really nice. They just sparked a memory for me of how I'd said when I grew up I was going to collect doll houses.

Obviously I have not yet grown up so there is still time.

D7ana said...

Hi Arlett! The neat thing about collecting doll houses is that you can have multiple homes without the expense and the upkeep. Ha ha ha!

You've got plenty of time to grow up ;-)