Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hot Links to New Mattel Doll Photos

Much gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair - kidding, joking, but darn there are photos of new dolls popping up. Bam, bam, bam! Here are links to some of them. Remember, don't shoot the messenger?

I glanced at a few pages on eBay. I had to see this beauty, the Brunette Stardoll in an actual photo. Can't wait to see an actual doll to the Black doll in the purple dress. Sigh.

From Facebook member Sandra B, frequent contributor to doll news, especially at The Doll Cafe. Two Barbie I Can Be doll sets that include KEN as part of the series. What? I While I want to ignore these sets because they have Barbie with Smarmy Ken, I am torn about them. So far, I have avoided buying Smarmy Ken. But these sets are too cute. Firefighter Ken and Police Barbie. Doctors Ken and Barbie in ONE set. Yes, for Ken's 50th birthday, Barbie is allowing him to work alongside her as either a firefighter OR as a doctor. Hmmm ... what do you think about that?

Moving along, let's see photos of the upcoming Dancing with Stars Barbies on Red Carpet Dolls blog.

New S.i.S. Marisa. As Tiffany Tran notes in the comments, this adult Marisa resembles the AKA Centennial Barbie. (My one who got away, lol.)

Just to keep you glued to your computer chairs. I know - wicked, wicked enabler am I!