Sunday, February 12, 2017

First New Doll of the Year

... is Fashionistas Ken 6 Color Blocked Cool.

Ken Fashionistas No. 6 Color Blocked Cool, Photo by Jason Cooper

I found him in the Rittenhouse Target. It is like a mini Target. They have a small doll section roughly one-quarter of their regular doll aisles. The doll offerings included Barbie Fashionistas and Career dolls and a few Disney selections from Frozen and Moana. Alas, the online sales did not appear in this store - but I think prices at any stores in Center City get marked up because of the location. Shrug. Still, this store could be good as a "ship-to-store" option.

Had I intended this Ken to be my first doll of the year? No. He happened to be in Target when I was. He seemed hidden behind the other Kens. I didn't see Hip Hop Hoodie or any of the other 2017 dolls I'd considered who might have outranked him. However, he was on my Want List. Here's why
  • He has a new male face
  • He's cute
  • He wears a decent male outfit
New guy [face] in town. Mattel produces fewer male dolls so it's fun to nab the ones that they do make. As much as I like some face sculpts, I like variety, too. Having a new male face is like having a new character.

Cutie status. I like his nose. It looks "Roman." I like the slight jut of his chin. Someone said he reminded her of Mario Lopez from Extra. I could see a slight resemblance, but this Ken does not have as strong an ethnic look. I don't have any other dolls named "Mario" though so that's his name in my doll world.

Decent male outfit. Confession: I do not like pink for my guys. Usually. So when I saw this outfit has a black and gray tee and distressed burgundy "jeans" with tan construction boots, I was hopeful. Seeing that the shirt and the pants were separate cinched the sale. The tee has a nice jersey feel with a velcro closure in the back. While the pants are as skinny as they can be, they are made from a cotton cloth that works for play scale jeans. They also have a velcro closure in the back. The plastic molded boots have a slit in the back to allow them to be easily put on or pulled off. Sigh. The boots look best from the front or the side.

I asked my brother to take the photo here with his cell phone. Jaye, I understand what you mean about camera phones. Some phones' cameras anyway. Fuzzy photos. This was the best photo; the ones from the cell phone I have were fuzzier. I wanted to have at least one photo for this post.

So welcome, Mario, to East Philadelphia. 

Who is your first doll of 2017?


Phyllis said...

Congrats on getting one of the new Ken dolls! This guy is more readily available than Hip Hop Hoodie as he has been selling out online every time he goes up for sale. You just have to catch the right timing. I ordered mine from I haven't seen him in any stores. I too got Color Blocked Cool. I thought he seemed to have Hispanic features, but I would think his skin would have been more tan if he was Hispanic. But, what do I know!

Super Cool Doll House said...

Do you think they reworked the Ricky Ricardo head mold for him? That's what I kind of thought when i walked by him... :)

Jaye said...

D7ana, I think his Hispanic look depends on where he's from. There are people from Spain who are that fair and without strong features. I am glad Mattel put out new sculpts though.

Yes, the photo thing is a real struggle. I need a camera like Miranda (One Sixth Avenue) has, along with some ability to take a good photo. All of her photos are so clear.

D7ana said...

Hi, Phyllis! Thanks. I'm not surprised that this Ken is more readily found than Hip Hop Hoodie because the latter looks more ethnic (he could be Black or Hispanic). I agree that I'll just have to wait for HHH Ken to appear online to get him. Congrats that you've got CBC Ken. I thought CBC Ken seemed less ethnic because of his features. But as you say, "what do I know?" I'm not an expert either. Shrug ;-)

Hi, Super Cool Doll House! Mattel could have re-worked the Ricky Ricardo head mold for CBC Ken. (I missed getting Ricky Ricardo so I wouldn't mind if they had.) However, looking at the Ricky Ricardo photo on Mattel’s site, I doubt that they re-used the Ricky mold. The Ricky face is broader and looks older.

Hi, Jaye! I agree that CBC Ken’s look would vary depending on where he is from. Coming from Spain, he would look European. However, if he hails from a Hispanic or Latino background, he might have a more mixed race look.

I must get a decent camera. Must do. I'll check Miranda's site to see her photos. Thanks for mentioning her blog!

Vanessa said...

Congrats. So nice to see you buying dolls again.

Cindi Mortensen said...

Hi D7ana!

This Ken doll is definitely cute, but I do so hate plastic painted hair! I wish Mattel would go back to rooted hair on their male dolls. My first doll of 2017 was Maya, the Asian Barbie Basics doll. I don't know which collection she's from, but she and my other doll Grace Kelly are both are just stunning to me. :-)

D7ana said...

Hi, Vanessa! Glad to be buying - on a lesser scale, yes, but still buying.

Hi, Cindi! I prefer rooted hair, but I can take molded hair. Wow! Grace Kelly AND an Asian Barbie Basics? Congratulations. I'll check your blog to see which Asian Barbie Basics.

april_n_paris said...

Hi D7ana. Always good to see a post from you. Thank you for drawing attention to this doll. Every now and again, Mattel puts out an interesting looking Ken doll. I do agree with Cindi. I'm not a fan of the molded plastic hairdo. But if the doll looks interesting enough, I just might expand my male doll population.

Jewell said...

Congrats on your new guy! I like the name you chose. It fits him. My first doll purchase of 2017 was an Andy Warhol Barbie for a rebody. The first to become a permanent resident was the new AA Cheslea with the Afro.

D7ana said...

Hi, April_n_paris! Glad to bring this guy forward. Your male dolls are so beautifully dressed, they can't help looking interesting.

Hi, Jewell! Congrats on your Andy Warhol Barbie and that adorable AA Chelsea. Okay, I'm a snoop: who received the AW Barbie body?

Ms. Leo said...

Glad to see you are buying dolls again! I hope that means you are feeling much better! BTW,
how are you doing on the sales of your dolls? Is all of your dolls stuff close by! I know that is important to you! What dolls to you have close by to play with? Playing with dolls is good for all of us! See you soon.

Jewell said...

The stunning redhead from the Zac Posen set got the AW body. I really need to do a catch-up post.

D7ana said...

Hi, Ms. Leo! Oh I started up buying again last year, ha ha. I need to update here what I got. I haven't started selling stuff yet. I'll also have a post about which dolls are here and which ones are still in storage. Doll play is super! Hope to see you soon. (Need to check my yahoo mail ... tsk.

Hi, Jewell! Wow, now that Zac Posen redhead is totally deserving of a new body. I would love to read that post. Thanks for sharing who got the AW body and for the promise of a post about that pairing.