Monday, February 20, 2017

Toy Fair 2017 Links or Barbie, Barbie, Barbie

Toy Fair comes once a year. Where do I start? Mattel and Barbie.

Yes, I am a Barbie-centric doll/action figure enthusiast. This year, that means the Fashionistas! Idle Hands has a YouTube video on the new Fashionistas. Another site showing some new Fashionistas has me ooohhhing and aaahhhing. Check the black doll with that afro! Want List. Or the gal with the light blue hair. Want List again. The two dolls with orange hair? Four I gotta have dolls. If you have a Yahoo or a Flickr account, check the photos here.

What about the Barbie Careers dolls? Nerd News Today names some career options we have seen in 2016 along with a new one. Think, Bob the hum hum.

Moving from career women to a fictional "super" woman, let's check Entertainment Weekly's photos of Mattel playline Wonder Woman action dolls. Yes, she seems to have the same gorgeous face as the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Collector's Edition Wonder Woman. Hooray for those of us who now won't have to pay the collector or the markup prices for her. I think the play line doll needs a longer neck. I will re-body her.

What about Mattel's famous women in play scale ... and yes, I refuse to describe them as "Sheroes" because that term irks me. Pause to set my teeth and face straight. If you've seen the MyFroggyStuff video, you'll know that the Mattel Gabby Douglas doll WILL be available this April. Are you an Ashley Graham fan? Guess who is getting a curvy Barbie in her image? Additional link available here. NerdNews reports that the Ashley Graham doll will be available in April. Natalia Vodianova joins the list of real heroes captured in play scale by Mattel. You can read about the super model, mother, and philanthropist online.

Okay, it is not fair to title a post "Toy Fair 2017" and NOT include links to action figures or other dolls. Wondering what's new in 1:6 scale outside the Barbie Universe? Asmzine (Altered States Magazine) reports on Big Chief Studios and other toy manufacturers. Michael Crawford lists his Top Ten Toy Fair 2017 picks. Toyark shares photos of some Hot Toys figures to come. And there is a special new set coming that I am saving for its own post.

Those are some of the dolls I look forward to seeing. Do any of these excite you or are you looking for some others? 


Vanessa said...

Yes, I have seen lots of new 2017 dolls I want to add. So sad. Every time I think I can go without adding any new dolls, some doll changes my mind. I definitely want the Gabby Douglas doll and the fashionista with the afro. So maybe I can limit it to two. Ha ha. Thanks for the links.

april_n_paris said...

Well, I've not been collecting Barbies for awhile (except for an older Top Model Nikki doll I got at Christmas). In effect, I've cut down on all doll purchases. I felt I really needed to slow down and enjoy the collection I have already. But it doesn't stop me from looking and admiring others.

D7ana said...

Hi, Vanessa! Yes, it is sad ... what these doll companies do to divert our funds from our wallets! Tsk! As much as I ought to hold out until I've retrieved still-stored dolls, I know I'll get some new ones.

Good luck keeping to two new ones. But I won't fuss if you find more ;-)

Glad to share the links.

Hi, April_n_Paris! I noticed your Top Model Nikki doll in your recent blog post. She looks fab among the Fashion Royalty gals. You do have a lovely collection. I enjoy seeing the fashions you create for them. It is comforting to re-connect with the lovely dolls we already own. I, too, am lucky in what I have now.

I love online window shopping dolls. I'd like to balance what I have with new dolls. Sigh. Working on that though, ha ha.

Erin O said...

I really really need to slow down on doll buying, especially since I still have a ton of still-boxed dolls packed away and currently no place for them to live and exist. But eeeeeee I see some future residents of my doll town already. Darn it.

D7ana said...

Hi, Erin O!

Yes, I hear you and I understand the situation. I need to sell some dolls to allow for new ones, but I started buying last year. BEFORE selling. Sigh. Also, I have dolls still in storage. So I have to remember them. But there are some "Oh, I gotta have" among the new dolls that I don't want to miss. As you say, "future residents."

Guess we'll just need to be careful with our new choices ... so we don't miss out on any ones meant to be with us. (And in my case, let go the ones that no longer need be here. Do have to pare down. I do.)

Phyllis said...

Hey, I just wanted to stop by to see how you were doing and let you know that you won my latest giveway! Yup, you did! You are the lucky winner of the City Shine Pazette and the matching Baby Phat body. Congrats and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

D7ana said...

Hi, Phyllis! Thanks for contacting me here. I was delighted to see that I had won that lovely City Shine Pazette doll. I sent a message to you . If you haven't received it, I'll send it again. So looking forward to seeing this lovely doll. (And being able to make her pose-able.)