Monday, July 25, 2011

ToysRUs Clearance Sale Today! New Liv Series!

Okay, it isn't the greatest of sales. I checked the two pages of Barbie stuff. Nothing I wanted. But then, I am not You, so there might be something that You, Faithful Reader(s), might want. Or the free standard shipping for orders of $75 or more might lure you to the ToysRUs site. (Note: video game hardware, software, accessories are NOT included in this free shipping offer.)

I won't be getting anything this time: spent my doll funds last Saturday. Got a few of those Liv jackets for sale. Thanks, Ms. Leo! No, really thanks ;-D

However, there is more to the ToysRUs website than the for sale items.  Example? Doll research! Yay! Guess who will be bringing new, tanned, JOINTED bodies out? You guessed it - Spinmaster. Cheers. Applause. The series is called Liv Color Change and you can click on the last word of this sentence for a link to show three of the tanned Liv girls. Love their robes and the foot bath thing. Neat.

Additional links to Liv dolls include these two websites: Liv Color Change dolls and Liv dolls dancing to Beyonce's "Single Ladies."

Good luck! Happy Viewing.