Friday, February 28, 2014

The Ten Black Dolls and Action Figures I Would Choose: A Black History Themed Post

I wrote a post earlier this month asking which 10 black fashion dolls or action figures would you choose if you were allowed any ten. Here is my list ...

American Teen Benjamin

Integrity Toys Dynamite Girl 'Back to Brooklyn' Remi

Integrity Toys Dynamite Girl 'Boogie Beach' Reese

Integrity Toys Fashion Royalty 'Quiet Storm' Annik

Mattel Halle Berry

Mattel So In Style Little Brother Julian

Vivid Imaginations JLS Ortise

YNU Group, Inc. Mixis Bryanna Singh

YNU Group, Inc. Mixis Kirsten Leduc

YNU Group, Inc. Mixis Melissa Francesca Bilotta

The last three dolls are not-yet produced Mixis fashion dolls. If you are on Facebook, look up Mixis Jr. to see what those lovely dolls look like. If you have not sent in your choices, please share them now. Or if you've submitted your choices, do you feel the same or would you like to make any changes? Thanks!